Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Reflection & Resolutions


Part of moving forward is clarifying the process.  I have read some of my past posts and it was difficult to recall the confusion I was in. Well if one is unable to choose a lane, so to speak, the universe will give you a nudge. Not so long story short.....  The ultimate decision was forced on me within a split second.  Nameless, decided not to work any longer and wished to find himself.  Okay, and what is your plan, said me, the logical one.  No plan, but talks with his sister, have been whispered for sometime, so I made the plan, and executed it all within days. I dropped him off at a halfway point everyone agreed to, nonsense promises spewing everywhere. I returned to what was home, with a WTF fog in my head. I packed up personal possessions, the rest donated.  Know further discussions since .

Back and forth between my adult children homes, then hit with Bells Palsy, last Nov.2020, and let us not forget the on going Pandemic, life has made me pay attention to Me.  Not a familiar subject.

I am recovering, not as quickly as I would like, but I am not as young as I once was.  So patience and peace is the pursuit everyday.  I share$ a larger apartment with my daughter / grandson, in my hometown.   The town is now a huge city and unrecognizable, so adjustments must be made as I figure out the remaining life ahead.


Which led me Here!,  where I loved to be, creatively, and virtually meeting very interesting and supportive  people. (She Who Seeks, blog on my Blog list) Thank you Deb!

Sharing our passions, and caring about what keeps our imaginations VIVID!  I am sharing creative mail with several virtual friends and I have a place to your right,> to enter your name ect. if you wish to join in.  Who does not like to receive, FUN mail!  Especially during the Magical Times of the year!

I always enjoy book suggestions, and will share mine as well.  Occasional Surprise Events and maybe even a Vlog post, who knows how adventurous I become.  

My new laptop is a bundle of surprises and I love my little mouse guiding me through the maze of tech possibilities.  

Now the path has been laid out,  thank you for visiting and be kind, Especially to yourself! 



  1. Wow, sounds like you have been through the storm indeed -- but are now safely out the other side and creating a new life for yourself! That's exciting! I'm sorry to hear about the Bells Palsy -- you're the second person this year that I know who has come down with it. The other woman I know had a pretty good recovery and I learned from her that (oddly enough?) Botox injections help with her remaining facial issues (who would have thought?)

    Wishing you all the best, and glad you're sharing your journey with us here on your blog!

  2. I have been fortunate with good health all these years regardless of the abuse I inflict on myself. Well Im not invincible as it turns out! hahahh! My concern is the weight lose and lose of muscle (what little was there hahah) Botox? now that is scary, ice creme is my answer! Thank you for visiting! Stay safe out there!


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