Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Finally Mabon ! 2021

 I padlocked the AC controls enough enough!  No more dripping nose, numb finger tips, brain freeze and not from delicious ice crème.  If the pandemic does not wipe out humanity, a massive power failure during global warming will. (cranky when cold)

Yes! Yes! Mabon!!!!  Gratitude, everyday, but today a special celebration.    Longtime virtual friends and my family,  first and always.  As the oldest living female for hmmmm 3 generations, I am thankful to have broken that trend, for now.  I am grateful for my curious nature, and with age, came a talent for letting go of things I know longer have the will to change or rescue. Oh! and the wonderous full moon!

My new laptop is wonderous to me.  It now must sense my ancient computer skills and sends me suggestions,  on how to do things much better.  Well then why can I not link my of site pages?  I have been blog cleaning up if you have noticed and have run into WTF moments.  TBC.

I subscribe to Patti Smith on her writers site. ( ) Imagine being a writer, poet, pop culture icon your whole life!  She is the real deal , I admire her immensely.  So, on her page she sends us her writings, personal voice messages, songs her & her longtime band mates are working on and regardless of the hour or where she is, she remembers to update us all.

 After I got the courage to comment, on one of her stories, (my ever conscious"I am not Worthy" Garth syndrom,)  I received a comment back! from her! OMGoddess! 

This was so worth the subscription and then tons!  
Few have impressed me in my journey, to the point of dumbfoundness,  Patti Smith is one of them.

As well, I am a patreon of  "From the Mind of Christine McConnell". (  I was introduced by one of my blog friends, ? Help me out if you remember.  Insomniac or Little Gothic Horror, well! what fun she is!  Artistic Talent and entertaining!  Sadly netflix did not renew her Halloween special , but I think it can be searched, I must check/  Now she lives in an amazing historical old house on the east coast, small town, closer to Ontario than she was in California!

To round out my creative fun, I send mail to unsuspecting virtual friends, and my grand-daughter!  What is the sense in learning new things if you dont share!   Plus the walk to the post office/drugstore is healthy! hahhahhah!  

I do remember who started this,  @ the tenacious rose on Instagram .  'Draw in your own Style' by @gin_robbins on Instagram.  20's Vamp my fav.  Ginny Robbins is a brilliant illustrator and her work is amazing.   Many joined her challenge, even me!  It only took a month and half an eraser to dare show my offering .  Ginny kindly helped me put my drawing in with the  group, also getting the official tag. (who does that? helps like that! a real artist, that's who!)

Healthy Family,  I am as curious as ever and my Country voted correctly again! 
I am truly, sincerely,  Grateful !!!!

Mabon 2021 

Best of All


  1. How cool that Patti Smith has a website and you've interacted with her! And it sounds like you're enjoying your creativity so much right now! Have a wonderful Autumn and Mabon blessings to you!

  2. Same to you! Thank you for visiting me! The Best season is upon us!

  3. I am SO late Debi...Blessed BELATED Mabon! I have to say I really love your artwork...I love your style and it's so beautifully drawn!! ♥♥

  4. Thank you, Ginny Robbins does amazing line Art! It took old shakey hands here forever! It was fun to try! My bitchy Vamp hahhaha!
    Have you taken care of every tomatoe in your neighborhood now! You have been missed, I hope you are feeling better. Gratitude weekend ahead!

  5. Hey Debi! I have been so bad with blogging! Sorry I wasn't here earlier! So happy to see you and your art work! Girl, you are talented! Happy Autumn! Mabon Blessings! Big Hugs!

    1. Hello neighbor! nice to have you visit! October is visit ever creative I can, store up inspiration for hibernation! Keep safe and dont be a stranger!


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