Friday, May 1, 2020

I Have Moved On!

I see I have several NEW followers and Please visit me at

Life has changed and so have I!

See you there!


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Burnt Amber & Sage...........Finally!

I am very grateful for the above normal summer season we here in Northern Ontario had this year,  which sparked the enthusiastic need for adventure, and now, serverall brain cells less, do to over heating, I am levelling out and gathering myself once again.

Yes, with heated lakes comes mounds of snow,  a winters winter, to be sure! My " must read" pile is high and my reading speed has increased! Reading my FAVORITE genre is my tranquilizer during this decay of democracy & human behaviour. I strongly recommend this treatment!  I am also toying with the idea of Meditation! Hilarious to me, but intriguing! I reWatch  Eat, Pray, Love to kindle this idea! ( full disclosure: I stop tape at the Love part!)

October, oh October.  For me, the dread of another long winter in a numb city, mustarding the will to soldier  on, filling my head with dreams of adventure to come?  Why must optimism fade as years go on?
I am very interested in what Your optimism enhancers are? The ones that are all about You & your well being. Sharing may spark solutions in others!

I am grateful to those who visited after my long absence ( why did I want to write Absyinth! )
I see you!
Yes, I am finding it difficult to blog but I am forcing my difficult self to Get Over IT!  All of you
help more than you know! What topics are you in search of?

Be Well & Be Safe & most of all Be Kind to each other