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 Reading List for 2013 - 2014
Artful Review

Night Circus...............Erin Morgenstern

From the first page and forward, the suspense builds...Magical characters introduced quickly and
and two story lines develop to add to my excitement.  
Bored old magic men develop their craft to unmentionable extremes through the ages.  But they did not
count on the brilliant Love Child to change the game.
I have heard? that Hollywood wants to adapt this to film and I for one will be
joyfully lining up to visualize what I have already developed in my imagination....
This is a RE read book and one for all to enjoy....If you love suspense,well written Magick! and 
colourful , settings, this FANTASTIC novel will not disappoint....

The Painted Girls.............Cathy Marie Buchanan

In my humble opinion, in Canada, there are FEW! who shine bright
in the Arts ( my rant on this another day)  During my flight to swish 
together a reading list, mostly thanks to all you experienced readers, 
I ventured off on my own..( buy one, get one free flurry)
Yes! the cover attracted me for reasons of my character...then I read the
flap....about sisters!  I'm in!    

1878 France, Paris...Montmarte area

van Goethem sisters, Antoinette, Marie and Charlotte, struggle to grow
up after the death of their beloved father, and their mother mourning in

I absolutely enjoyed and was fascinated with the history lesson, of the times.
Especially a peek into the artist  Edgar Degas....and those famous works
of ballet...the blue period

I think I will end with the opening quote from the newspaper of the day

No social being is less protected than
the young Parisian girl --by laws,
regulations, and social customs.

    -Le Figaro, 1880

the famous bronze by Degas... is Marie, the middle sister

and my artful interpretation of Antoinette, eldest......who I most identify 

If you love history, Fine Art, and the why and how of life.....I 
recommend this beyond excellent!

Garden Spells..............Sarah Addison Allen

This is an absolute favorite.  I enjoyed re-reading this novel and will again,
and again....Excellent insight, information, characters that left me sad when
the rivating story was over.

A story of tradition, home, family secrets, sisters, and the craft that linked
them all!  I especially enjoyed Evanelle, the older women, eccentric, mindfull,
invisible, quietly wise, her relationship with Claire and Sydney, guiding them
both back to LIFE!

I gained knowledge and curiousity with the on going information about herbs, and their effects. 

I recommend this highly for those who wish to be entertained, educated
and feel wonderful about being "not normal". 

My Artful Rendering .........................

Dark Witch.......Book One of the Cousins O'Dwyer
  author Nora Roberts

I was very pleased to stumble upon the release of the long awaited new Trilogy from Nora Roberts.  

Iona Sheehan (Main Character) is a young women searching for her true place in the world.  With the
support, love and direction of her dear maternal grandmother, her search pointed to County Mayo, Ireland.

Packed with her remaining worldly possessions and determination , Iona is quickly acquainted with 2 very interesting distant cousins, who have been expecting her for centuries!
Mi's-steps, mayhem and magic are woven with history, pagan beliefs and family loyalties. 

I am intrigued with this adventure and anxiously await the continued tale...Shadow Spells, sometime late
March 2014?

My Artful interpretation is of Iona, Alabaster and the Ancestral Homestead.   


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. I have never read Nora Roberts and I really must pick up one of her novels. Although I believe she's very addictive so may be I should stay away, he he.
    Ali x

  2. I think Iona is so brave. It takes a lot of strength (and passion) to pick up everything we own and run off to another country... and with such a secret in our bag!

    I love your picture of the house and of Iona's horse. I can't even imagine them separate.

  3. Thank you very much for visiting! Your comments mean a great deal to me! Always! xoDebi

  4. I love Garden Spells, and add it to my reread list. I can't believe I forgot. I remember the first time I read it. I really wanted that apple tree, lol!

  5. Both of these books sound intriguing. I love a good supernatural mystery. Your art for both books are terrific...they entice me to read both books!! Thanks.

  6. Your taste in books really appeals to me...and your art just incites my interest!

  7. Replies
    1. Your comments and visits encourage and inspire...always!
      Wow! I love this reading thing!

  8. I LOVE her boots! And the placing of her hands. And her bright lipstick, too. I might have to check out The Painted Girls.

  9. I am intrigued. The Painted Girls sounds like a book I would enjoy; I love how you rendered Antoinette...she not only has Parisian poise, but also radiates the Parisian girl spirit.

  10. I'm so happy to see that Painted Girls! is leaping to the top of everyone's must reads! Library in my daughters city has a waiting list! yeah!

  11. Like you, I fell in love with The Night Circus after the first page. Such imagery, feelings, explosion of emotions with fantastically freakish acrobats in it. I love the book, so much that I'm rereading it... for the third time.

    Love the darkness of your artwork for this book. It would make an awesome card, too!

  12. Sounds like an intriguing read. Thank you for the review and art.


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