Friday, October 29, 2021

Nes Galan Gaeaf (The Eve of Winter)

 We may not have the beautiful full moon of last year, but falling on a weekend without snow is very much appreciated by The Living and The Dearly Departed.  Remembering, seems to be more, during my Crone years.  Many FUN friends and amusing relatives have pasted,  time has cast a congenial glamor, over much of a turbulent past.  

THIS recent world plague,   loved ones have gone too soon, travel restrictions and lockdowns keep us apart, and vaccination is necessary for our survival.  I am a fan of the Victorian/Edwardian era and I am sensing a blip in the scheme of things? Has history been ignored Yet again?

Insomniac"s Attic has my clothing matching the dilemma of the times. I did enjoy flopping around with my grand-daughter last year. We get each other and that swells my old heart.  Seasonal Music was made for me years ago by Shari, my FairyArtMother , and I longed to play it for the kids ( boys too old for such things now, sadly, but enjoy their Nana's antics)  Thankfully it made our lockdown Halloween Fun!  Jersey Girl to the rescue with much loved timeless tunes!

Hallow's Eve is my tattered souls night.  I find such peace at night, when the wind stops and the sky winks devilishly 

My last bonfire was last Samhain as well and I seem to have known it would never be that wonderful again. I captured it for Remembering!   Yes I always carry Flame Enhancer with me for occasions such as this!

May this be our Last restricted celebration year!  Raise your pointy chins and shout with ME!  

                                        " DRINK UP WITCHES "

FarAway Friend Emma!   (Little Gothic Horrors aka the tenebrous rose) sent a Samhain2021 declaration
to me to pass on to All of You!   Here is to a WiserWorld and Kinder Hearts.  Cheers!

                                     Dia de los Muertos
  Celebrated with Love by the Living xo

May you all have a Comfy, Safe Winters rest.  

Thank you to All for always being there xoxoxoxoxox         

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  1. Love your inspired dancing and the "Drink Up Witches" sign! Have a wonderful Samhain/Halloween. Blessed Be to you and yours!

  2. Heart filled greeting to you and yours Cheers! xo

  3. Hi Debi! So sorry I'm late, I hope you had a wonderful holiday, despite the restrictions! Loved seeing you dancing!! And that skeleton reel was awesome! Drink up!! ♥♥

  4. Thank you for visiting! A good year for reflection and ready for the year to come. Its smell like snow and I have several books I must get to! My tarot and oracle cards are talking to me so I must heed their council. Until next time! xoxox

  5. Replies
    1. Hi! thank you for visiting me! The world is upside down and we must always be aware now Im afraid. As with other times, we will adapt I guess. Always look for the magic xo


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