Monday, June 12, 2017

Finally some Saucy, Dewy Weather 🇨🇦

Full Rose Moon has brought some warmth to the North Pole!  Yippy!  Hot dogs for supper, guilt free!
Rabbit food ( green salads) and salads with miracle whip !  Hassle free, housekeeps dream days!
I can't forget a bucket of heavenly hash, or black cherry will cover before bed munchies.

This month is levelling off the brain freeze of the past 7 months, yes 7! So each day in flipflops is paradise!  Pack on the moisturizer and drop 5 years! Our government kindly reminded me how old I am ( haven't heard from them in decades) and I can have free eye exams! So I swallowed my vanity and went to purchase new glasses! Looking out of a murky fish bowl for 6 yrs, may of had something to do with my dispair. Wow! I can see through walls! I picked sea Blue large frames ( they called them retro hahah! I called them my old friends).

Fathers Day is this weekend ( yes we celebrate long & hard in this family) my son bought his puddleduck's a pool.  Immediately I go off on ALL the responsibilities, liabilities, health hazards, full blown Debi downer.  My son listened calmly ( he is maturing hahahahaha) then said, " before you call the cops can I offer you a bribe?" I love his humour! To make me laugh is difficult.  Then he said " Mom its two feet deep"! Fine, I said, Now I have to buy water wings before I visit!  ( Nana is a non swimmer, tramitized as a little girl)  I think he likes to get me spinning!

My twitter obsession is calming down, I follow some clever people and tick Tock the largest disaster the free world has ever seen is about to be contained, have faith dear neighbours, your IC ( intel community) as well as global partners have this. Old men/ corruption & digital world are not getting along. Precident  setting Bigly 😂👍

I am VERY happy to see the young people exercising their human rights and taking their futures in their hands in U.K.  The young people here came out in our last federal election and all have made it clear...compass points to the future!

War is an old mans game, I will be routing for a better way!

Speaking of Parades!   Our country like MANY 👏💥 Celebrating Love ❤️ all over the world! this month, even in places that still threaten prosecution.

Now that I see clearer, I will be on the look out for closed hearted / minded humans. We are a spieces not destined to survive , thankfully Good has prevailed, let's keep it that way!

Thank you for all your beautiful comments , words matter ! xoxoxoxoDebi


  1. Fab new glasses! Yes, enjoy the nice weather -- it certainly took its sweet time getting here! We had our Pride Parade here in Edmonton on Saturday and it was a fun time as always. Plus it didn't rain!

  2. Enjoy your warm days, unfortunately we are back to wind and rain - good ole British weather! Nice to see you blogging again, I miss it but am wary about dipping my toes in again. Maybe I can be brave like you xx

  3. Looking good and sounding so positive...brings me smiles :D XXX

  4. We've had a good summer down here on the South coast so far, I prefer the cold ( a Winter baby!!). Your glasses are cool!! More blogging please :)

  5. The swimming pool responsibilities had me laughing, Debi! I haven't even brought out the sandals yet, let alone flip flops ... it's cooler out here in the spooky forest. lol

    You look fantastic and hooray for free eye exams! <3

  6. OMG I just noticed the lovely banner you have for me on your sidebar - bow sweet you are, Debi!! The court-ordered For Sale sign just went up on the front lawn over the weekend ... might be the shortest retail experience ever. lol

  7. Looking great, Debi! So glad you have some sunshine. We have a little bit here in Wales, too. I've just noticed my shop link in your sidebar. Thank you lovely, that's really sweet of you xx

  8. You look fantastic! I love your glasses! Enjoy the weather and swimming! LOL! Big Hugs!

  9. Well, don't you look gorgeous in your summery clothes and pretty new glasses! I love the top picture! It's so inviting, I'd just love to jump in and join the summery vibe.

    We've got really strict pool legislation in Australia. All pools have to be fenced off with childproof gates. I'm so used to it here that I'm always shocked when I see the pools on TV/movies in other countries. We were watching some International House Hunters show on TV recently, and there was a gorgeous house in Mexico with a courtyard pool right in the centre of the house. You could just step off the sofa and in a few steps dive into the pool. My husband thought it was so awesome, but then I reminded him (See, I'm a downer too! ;D ) that it would be illegal here.

  10. So you really are a fabulous human Deb, I relate to all you say, sometimes I wish I could be the chilled cool one, but my inbuilt 'danger danger Will Robinson' is always on red alert, forget about a new pool, a bucket with with 2 inches of water should have me break out in a cold sweat! Enjoy the sunshine and people who bring it to your life when there is none... Hugs and love... From Oz xox

  11. Hi Debi, I’ve just visited Yvonne at Melancholy and menace and wanted to congratulate you on your win. I know I’m going to enjoy your blog and your glasses look fab.


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