Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gratitude = Joy " kills Germs!"

The first long, weekend of 2014 is fast approaching.  Instead of grumbling about the Polar
Vortex, and another cold, I choose to count my many blessings.
( how mature of you Prudence) 

Driving home this a.m. after dropping Mr. Crane off at the wood shop, I was startled at
yet another spike in our gas price!  Instantly I start planning my necessary movements, and cursing 
the greed which is all consuming.

Nope! -15c, snow in the middle of April and another head swelling Cold! isn't going to deterr my
feelings of gratitude!

I have discovered the excellent customer service coming out of the U.K.!  Bee Happy Home 
( Deborah Fielding)
within a turn around from order to delivery was under 7 days!  Shame on you Canada Post...
Now that our dollar is heading for the crapper, quality products and efficient service is a click away! 
( link direct in margin) ***

Within 5 days I was "Pay It Forward"    gifted from Gina
Hand knitted, jewelled and magically enhanced , my new muse and secret keeper!

Epiphany  Georgiana Foreboding, seen at the top with Gracie and Herminie .....

Before my daughter became a "Mom" her card making skills were in high demand, especially
within the family.  
I am thrilled that by some miracle, she managed to make her nephews, brother, and Me! 
our very special " Easter" Greeting!  Detailed to perfection, always, and the wonderful 
hand painted "sun catchers " from my middle Puddleduck, will most definitely
lure the sun to do its best! ( just as soon as the plastic comes off the windows) 

The promise of continued Art Journalling 2014 , with Rosa Lily, Deborah and Corrina
amuse my imagination daily!  My " Pay It Forward" list getting smaller, and I've joined
Art Abandenment on FB.....making art and leaving it for someone to take it home!  
Now that sounds like FUN!

I've been reading wonderful books, and after I get over my latest plague , I really must
Art / Review, before my memory deletes the amazing tales!

Gratitude is the best medicine , I forced myself to express, and now the sun is shining Bright!
Joy has made room in my stuffed head to get busy, and honor this Special holiday!

Thankfully rabbits in my neighbourhood come with snowshoes !  

And My little Sister always lifts me Up! Up! Up! Chocolate sent with Love! Is strong medicine!

Over come with Gratitude, bubbling Joy! needs a tissue , take that Evil Germs!  

Celebrate Joyfully! 
Your Special Easter Time Holiday and give those loved ones an extra Hug!



  1. lovely spite of the germ warfare you are fighting. I love your new muse, your gifties and chocolates always warm a spirits heart. Get well soonest and enjoy a lovely weekend to come. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. What a beautiful basket of chocolate! That would warm me up no end. I can't believe it's -15 degrees, that's so cold!!!! Your daughter's card is lovely, does she sell them I wonder? Will be sending all 4 of the art journal pages in due course, I love these swaps!!! xxxxxx

  3. thank you mom for displaying our gifts to you in the great white north. hopefully the sun will find you now that it has a reason to shine into your home rosa lily: I will be finding time more now that my little one is growing to craft and design new cards. stay tuned :)

  4. Such magical things! I fell in love with that gorgeous witch doll when I saw it on Facebook. And wasn't that snow just a nightmare?! I've been saying "I hope it's the last snowfall" since mid-March, let's keep our fingers crossed that that one actually was the last snowfall!? It seems to have melted away today, back to what it was last week!

  5. What a wonderful post. Your new muse is exquisite. What a talented daughter, your Easter card is beautiful and no need for you to leave the house with all that delicious chocolate. Looking forward to your book reviews.
    Ali xx

  6. What wonderful gifts! I hope you defeat those cold germs soon!

  7. I'm only a little jealous of your gifts... and of the fact that you and Gina are sooo ahead on your Paying If Forward, while I, well, I haven't started. *sigh*

    Kick the germs in the butt. Hard. Then bleach them dead.

  8. Hooray for chocolate! It really is good for coughs, honest! And yes, gratitude and an awareness of how good things can be, helps dispel all kinds of germs and rain. Thank you for popping over to my doll blog and saying such encouraging things!


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