Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hollow Hearts Vampire Soirée Blog Hop! REMINISCE!,,2014......

Welcome to my V'day version of love !  Thankfully, Holly at Horrorland 
( has given some of us the great opportunity to celebrate.  I have always never! Held this tradition of cutie, sweet, Cupid, nonsense.
Choosing the more " my reality " version.

I was delighted to have discovered two "like" hearted blogfriends to trade my sentiment with.
Ashley, in California... and this superbly detailed
" my Bloody Heart" from Gina

Accompanied by this wonderful greeting!  If I could tear up, this would cause it!!!!

My ideal Hollow Hearts of all time is Bonnie & Clyde,  until recently I have been curious
with the more modern chemistry of these two!

Now this is a POWER couple!  Oh Vampiest!  How could I have over looked Herstory!

So!  this V'day, my dear vamps, scratch dinner, serve up two thick blood red shakes and nibbly neck through these ( modern women) date nite flicks!!!!!

Take flight and listen to the NIGHT!  my lovelies........... on Love at First Bite (top right) and blog hop Till Dawn!


  1. I've enjoyed reading your alternative view of Valentine's Day. I think many people have a love hate relationship with the day. Our expectations can be too high sometimes I think. I laughed at the caution notice on the Vampire Lovers poster.
    Ali x

  2. Hahahahaha...awesome post to love the yellow sticker that reads "not for the mentally immature!" Enjoy your bloody valentine XXX

  3. Love can be quite the twisted thing. And the little cupid has always creeped me out, you just can't see what he's all about.

    Love the title "La Fiancée du Vampire." I might have to grab it!

    Have a glorious Vampire's Day Soirée!

  4. Great post on feelings about the day in an alternative way. I love it. I adore Gina's "my bloody heart". I've enjoyed your blog, hope you'll come and enjoy mine. Oma Linda

  5. The first Valentine's Day my hubby and I spent together, we watched Army of Darkess, LOL so your movie suggestions are totally within the realm of normal for us!

  6. A Happy Soiree to you. I absolutely love the posters. Movie posters always have their own story to tell; outside the movie's own it seems. A really wonderful offering for the bloghop. Cheers!

  7. Fabulous post & still chuckling about that original 'Vampire Lovers' movie poster, oh my awesome!

  8. Here from the Vampire's Day Soiree. Love cards.

  9. What great cards!

    How funny there is a picture of Johnny Depp there, I mentioned him in my story, tee hee.

    Happy Vampire Day to you too!

  10. A great addidion to the soiree : a happy Vampire's Day to you :)

  11. I love your header picture, did you paint that?

    Happy Bloody Valentine's!

  12. I am over joyed with all the Lusious visitors! I knew I wasn't alone in my
    Absinthe in feelings for this miss represented V'Day!
    Thank you all you !!!! xoxoxoxoxxo

  13. Lots of vampy goodness in this fab post! I really enjoyed Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' so it was great you included a pic of Barnabas and Angelique. Gotta love Vampira too!

    I had to laugh at the awesome 'Vampire Lovers' poster because the illustration doesn't seem to have anything to do with the actual storyline... so often the case with those fantastic vintage horror posters. Haha. And what about the line, "Not for the mentally immature." Classic! ;D

  14. I love Vampira and her 'Club of the Month book'. I have the vague feeling that I've seen 'The Vampire Lovers'. Doesn't it have two young ladies who are very affectionate? I love old film posters. These postershad to do all the work a film trailer does now. They had to tease and seduce and, if need be, flat out lie to get us into the cinema and watch their film.

  15. gorgeous new vampire header! your postcard came and i love it! mine is coming a bit late. hope you had a wonderful vampy valentines! :3

  16. You have two of my favorites here, The Vampire Lovers and Vampira!
    I also adore your Vampentine cards! I just got some ATCs actually, so maybe we could do an art trade sometime? :)
    Thanks so much for joining the soiree!

  17. Love, love, love this post! What utterly wicked fun. Hugs and happy vampy Valentines Day. Mina

  18. Ah so happy that lovely vampire painting is in my possession, I love it so very much! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day Debi!


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