Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pondering***Keeps Me Warm!

-34C this morning.....Thank techies for spell check!  I am dizzy with the effects of constant Arctic
freezing.  This 110 lib , old duck has been screaming UNCLE! since October 2013! 
Thankfully challenged out of self pity by my family duties and virtual creative friends daily.

I was going to blog this past Monday, but fury stopped me.  I wanted to express complete discuss 
for the state of human behaviour....  It would have been regarding the epidemic condition "Self" otherwise " the me - me's " 

One short FB post,  I quickly decided that debate isn't even close to my strongest skill, my vocabulary
would cause a sailor to blush ( hmm it did once).  I decide to try and calm,  gather what maturity these 60? years have tried to teach and be Con structive......

Flinging Paint !!!!  That's the solution! More Gelli Prints for upcoming swaps!

Calm restored, I visited several creative, clever and thought provoking blogs.
This Universe places persons on our path Perfectly!  
Magaly Guerrero Pagan Culture posted "Selflessness in this Monstrous Regiiment"  ( link in my blog list) 
Provoking the question, ( my words not hers, not quoting ), do you believe in the act of complete selflessness?    Intellect and Words are her strength, and now the opinions are flooding in.. 
( visit and see) 

Here I am ( first reaction was Ouch! )  trying to come at my query ( learned that word working in a library!) 
from a different angle.  Breathe!!!

Opinions are like DNA, unique to each person.  Selflessness is "pure love" without thought of personal consequences.  Acts of Selflessness ( rare as a natural blonde) either towards other humans, or 
humanities greater good occur when one thinks of "Self" ( the me-me's)  less.

Depending on your age, your world, equipt with your bag of life experiences, your opinion,
Will....reflect what "acts of selflessness" means to you.

Magaly also had a sentence that I had to write down.  " Critical thinking can't survive in a brain- river where the fish is convinced that everything beyond the cage of its skull is either wrong or of no consequence" 
As an experienced " Critical thinker" ( from years of being the critisized) finally , slowly mind you, the need for Right Fighting ( Dr. Phil ) is fading.  I may be loosing my site, hearing and glamour, I still have MY TRUTH, as we all do.
******************.                        *****************************************.                ***************

Now that my brain, is slowly thawing, thank you ALL! for visiting me.  From my last post I have 12
Pay it Forward 2014 on my list!  Thank you very much for inspiring me, supporting creative thought!
and shining " Kindness" .

Bee Safe!  Bee Courtious!  AND Keep Warm xoxoxo


  1. Glad you are thawing ;) the weather has turned cold here too now but thank goodness at least no snow yet! love the work in your photo

    Bee happy x

  2. As my very first!! Pay it Forward inspired me to collect more. Thank you and Rosa Lily for supporting the young lady! Her business is blossoming.
    Tea time! Wish I lived closer to you Island Gals! xo

  3. I hope you are keeping well and truly warm. Oh you have got me thinking about selflessness. In a nutshell I think you can't have selflessness without selfishness, if you don't care for yourself you can't give to others. Hope that makes sense. I'm loving the mittens and the nail polish is gorgeous.
    Ali x

    1. Ali, I'm right with you. And I believe, and coming from an Aries this is a lot, that the most selfish the person, the more powerful the act. When we give a little bit of food away because it's there, it's nice, but not as commendable. When we give the last piece of our favorite dessert to someone else, while our mouths is still watering, but we give it away anyway because we know the person is starving, that's true giving. Even if we go home, thinking, Goodness, I really wanted that cake.

  4. Those lovely nails and hands are my sister's . Mine look like I dig for gravel.
    Nice to have you visit! I hope all is well? xo

  5. I'm staying warm. I refuse to leave the house. The Little Princess and I refuse to get out of our pajamas, lol!

    Selflessness is so full of debate. I think that in the end, the semantics aren't that important--other than for the wondrous gift that is critical thinking and brain food--what matters is doing things for other people, even if we rather keep the energy, the time, the money, the cookie for ourselves.

    Bundle up!

  6. Hmmm Selflessness? Is any true act of selflessness really possible? There was a Friends episode a while ago where they tried to do a selfless act, but discovered that every act is self-centred a little bit because it makes us feel good about ourselves for being so selfless! Silly ain't it? I suppose unconditional love is the thing we should strive for, rather than selflessness, because I do believe we have to take care of ourselves before we are capable of properly taking care of others!

    1. I believe that the "feeling of good" is our soul saying " Good Job Human, you get what life is about!" xoxo

  7. I can relate to the effects of the snow. It is pretty cold here. Shoveling in this weather is so not fun at all.

  8. You even tricked me with the hand picture. But yes upon closer review it is my aunts hand. Wanting to broaden my horizons I have followed your book list and picked up the Nora Roberts trilogy. Keep warm as I vaguely try not to remember the winters there. Xo

  9. whoa that's really cold! keep bundled! what interesting read, thank you for sharing. magalay's site is wonderful! a new blog to visit often! this a good topic to think about. love your gloves! take care!

    1. You are as HOT! as I am Freezing! Lots of good reading choices and I love sneaking time to read! Yes! There is a great demand for gloves and I love making them! Take care young Mom! Thank you for visiting me! xo


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