Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Burnt Amber & Sage...........Finally!

I am very grateful for the above normal summer season we here in Northern Ontario had this year,  which sparked the enthusiastic need for adventure, and now, serverall brain cells less, do to over heating, I am levelling out and gathering myself once again.

Yes, with heated lakes comes mounds of snow,  a winters winter, to be sure! My " must read" pile is high and my reading speed has increased! Reading my FAVORITE genre is my tranquilizer during this decay of democracy & human behaviour. I strongly recommend this treatment!  I am also toying with the idea of Meditation! Hilarious to me, but intriguing! I reWatch  Eat, Pray, Love to kindle this idea! ( full disclosure: I stop tape at the Love part!)

October, oh October.  For me, the dread of another long winter in a numb city, mustarding the will to soldier  on, filling my head with dreams of adventure to come?  Why must optimism fade as years go on?
I am very interested in what Your optimism enhancers are? The ones that are all about You & your well being. Sharing may spark solutions in others!

I am grateful to those who visited after my long absence ( why did I want to write Absyinth! )
I see you!
Yes, I am finding it difficult to blog but I am forcing my difficult self to Get Over IT!  All of you
help more than you know! What topics are you in search of?

Be Well & Be Safe & most of all Be Kind to each other



  1. My lovely far away friend, so long since you blogged, I always see you on Instagram and FB, I agree its not easy blogging these days, its not the same as it was, but I carry on regardless, hey pay me a visit if you can xxxxxxx

    1. We will bring back the fun! All of us!
      I have found you and will be by to keep our Fun alive!

  2. My main optimism enhancer is just trying not to give a chicken-fried fuck about anything.

    1. You Enhance my time visiting your wonderful blog, clever, witty western gal!

  3. I understand your frustration and dismay. I've been so irritated over the news lately that it ruins my mood completely. In fact, I've woken up with a migraine today, which has no doubt built up from bubbling internal annoyance. *sigh* I think reading is a very good way to escape into another world. I'm too busy right now to sit down for a cozy read, but I try to put my favourite music on while I work. That helps me. ❤

    1. I recommend following The Hoodwich on Instagram & her blog. She explains when & why we will be feeling like we are trapped in a blender.
      I escape to times when we were fierce , sword carrying, time travelling forces of nature!
      Then I fall asleep !
      Like you, I have been scrambling for music, & will save that for another post!
      How is our time travelling machine coming along! Be well & Rebel YELL !

  4. Hey Debi! Great to see you! Hopefully, the winter won't be that bad! Actually, I don't mind the snow! It's the freezing rain I hate! I meditate everyday and I love it. I sit quietly for an hour. You wouldn't believe the things that come to you! It's amazing! All about truly listening to your soul! Big Hugs!

  5. Hello there Debi I remembered you said you were blogging again and thought I should pop by to see what you've been up to. Like you I love reading to take me away from the real world but I have used meditation for a few years. It has really helped me with things going on in my life so I would definitely recommend it. If your interested Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra are starting a free 21 day meditation course on the 29th, I'm sure you'll find it if you pop it in google. Looking forward to hearing more of what you're up to.
    Alison xx


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