Sunday, October 2, 2016

October is Pure Magick!

Hello mystic seekers!  I love everyday this month brings! Inner joy bubbles at the change of colour from my new creative window!  Who better to to inspire me on but " Autumn" ( gift from Little Gothic Horror, Aussie Cutie) 

So many thought filled posts during Tim Burtons Blog Bash!
described in length the creative choices the master made along the way!  I do admire creative control, this artist is true, which his quote rings soooooo true.

Personally I am thrilled with imaginations such as Mr. Burtons.  I'm sure authors such as Ransom Riggs, and others who's prose have been interpreted to the Tim Burton film.   

I am delighted to announce that " She Who Seeks" has been gifted this wonderful story!   I wish to thank each visitor for visiting, participating and starting our mutual love for this Magical Month!  

Canada has welcomed this film , another smile for today!

I must dash, my husband has been promised a pumpkin pie!  Why would he put Dark Shadows on TV,
I'm TORN!   

Blog world is so vibrant this time of year!  Black lipstick kisses!  XxxXxxx


  1. I love that last quote. Fall is the one time of the year when I feel complete in the seasons. Truly a magical time.

  2. I love the change in the weather this time of year. It makes me feel so alive again after all that heat! Congrats to the winner! YAY!

  3. I missed out on the giveaway! Darn it! Congrats Debra!! I love this time of year!! I do feel alive! Your little doll makes me smile! Big Hugs!

  4. Congrats to Debra - maybe she'll lend it to me when she's done! :)

  5. Oh Miss Autumn looks divine!!! Congrats t She Who Seeks :D XXX

  6. Iv'e never tasted pumpkin, maybe i'm missing out! It must be a magical time over there in October! xxx

  7. Woo hoo! You just made my day, thanks! And Insomniac's Attic, yes of course I'll loan it to you when I'm done -- although be forewarned, I'm the slowest reader in the world. (Moby-Dick = 6 years, remember).

    Debi, I will send you my mailing address by email (I think I have your email address? We'll see!)


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