Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Where The Hell Have You Been" πŸ’œ

Getting older and downsizing to our treehouse I'm exhausted!  I've had more " bright ideas" in such a short time recently my grey matter has dried up!  Being CEO/CFO of a kingdom is not all glam and cocktail parties!  It's more of a carnival shell game!  

Here I sit, boxes of my wacky life surround me, another hobbit to transform into a palace! Now that's a reality show I'd watch!  But woohes me are out screamed in my head by " be grateful you cheeky bitch" " be happy you still live indoors"!

Creative friends once again slap that frown upside down! Art Mail and an Art space is demanding
immediate attention! My first Art mail to the treehouse was from magically enough " the original fairy Art mother" 

You never ignor a gal from New Jersey!  

OR my "from the beginning!" Dear creative heart friend from the UK! πŸ’œPen ( rosa lily)

My tons of negated fabric lead me to a wonderful FB group Rag Bag Gals, and they grab you
up immediately and will not allow sitting on the sidelines....

One such Fibre Talent, Lorrianne Aussie Designer, has gifted me with her fabulous Art cards,
just to make feel welcomed! 

The Universe will allow some procrastination from your passions, but not for long!  So I must stop
and feed ME!  

First!  My creative corner being the last to be unpacked, will be TOP of my "DO IT bitch" list today!


I will be back......!!!

For many many years, you ALL have kept me sane!  Thank you for your friendship and inspiration!
You ALL hold me to task as well!  
Here's to yet ANOtHeR chapter!  Blessings and Love xoDebi


  1. You have a creative tongue as well as a creative soul. πŸ˜€. Much love!

  2. "Do it bitch list", now that's something I will have to make (haha), so glad you are finally settling into your new home, boxes are a pain aren't they? I adore the Art cards, beautiful, I am going to check out the FB group :) I love the photo of you by the cruise ticket hut, you look fabulous girl! xx

  3. Moving and settling in again are such huge jobs! You've certainly been receiving some fabulous cards!

  4. doooooo eeeeet. Looking forward to pictures of the new abode.

  5. I'm glad you survived the move! They're exhausting, but I hope you'll be settled in and crafting super quick! Happy New Home! ❤

  6. Great pictures of you Debi! So good to hear from you! Moving is such a big job! Wishing you all the best! I know you will do well! What wonderful goodies you have got in the mail! So special! "Do It Bitch List"!! Fantastic! LOL! Big Hugs, Much Love and Many Blessings!!!

  7. Thank you ALL! Long time valued virtual friendships only make me wish the world was smaller. Love & Hugs! xoDebi


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