Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Warm Apple Cider ✨

Only puddleducks are thrilled with winter in the north.   

Since we last visited, my wounded " King of the castle " has had a complete recovery!
The fantasy of Canadian health care is really quite humorous.   Long whiney story short...
I had to dash all over this remote city for items to mend the work injury.  Not for the faint of heart, over 15 stitches holding an index finger together, totally missing the fingernail.  Sure I can see this through, 
I have nursing training...NOT!  nor the bedside manner!   

The most hilarious part was gathering the supplies from clueless shop owners!  Thank goodness for home economics classes and health classes  ( before our education system was destroyed) 

I found the last dusty box of 2" cloth tube bandage....and proceeded to sew one end closed and cut down middle for ties.   Voila! clean casing for daily changing over a variety of bandage, stick & non stick with a metal protector.   Back to work, hi hoe hi hoe!

Three weeks and mending nicely, stitches taken out at the kitchen table and new covering,
 as not to upset the puddleducks!

This week is regular bandage only and more attention taken at work!  I received praise for my 
cutting of food to bite size morsels and sewing/ washing clean bandages. Curtsy , your welcome 
me lord. 

Oh look at the time!   I must dash...slow cooker porkchops for supper!   I will be back very soon, I have some interesting " penpal" art to share and " Bloody Heart Day" movie suggestions.

Thank you for visiting me!   xoPrudence/Debi ( wink)


  1. I like your bandage skills, very professional :) xx

  2. You did the stitches in the finger?? Wow Debi, is there anything you don't do!!! You are brave! Well done! Cute pic! Big Hugs!

  3. NO! stitches take out! at home. We only have a germy walkin clinic that is only open occasionally, NOT for US! hahahahaha!

  4. I admire the fact you can deal with changing bandages let alone taking out stitches. My stomach is heaving just thinking about it! LOL

  5. 15 stitches! Ouch. Lucky him to have you. You are a star: Warm apple cider giver, healer, artist extraordinaire! ♥

  6. Wow, 15 stitches? I've missed some action while I've been...missing in action... :) Hope he feels ok now!


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