Friday, February 12, 2016

Gifts of Precious Time ✨

The battle is raging between El Niño and Polar Vortex outside my window.  Bitter cold is desperately trying to remove any warmth in its path.  I laugh! somewhat insanely, light many flames, and proceed to 
warm my thoughts &  revisiting time spent " gifts" 

The word " love" does cause me to recoil, so I choose to relate this word with " warmth".  
Warmth, for me, is a precious feeling.  Glancing at my recent penpal pile, I appreciate 
their precious time!

From an Artist in New Jersey, who is known by " The Original Fairy Art Mother". 

Decorated cigar box, holding a mysterious package, with a hint and a slight grin from an iconic 
historical women.   Inside the package is a jewelled tiny frame with an equally vintage portrait.
@fairyartmother ( Instagram) is also a teacher, and in each of her postings I receive detailed 
education information.  
The two Sister's ( Two Nudes Bathing) is in the Louve. From cica 1594 "Gabriell d'Estrees" is thought to be the work of a painter from the Fonainebleau School.
Gabriell d' Estress was the ( whispered) mistress of Henry IV of France and the pinching of her sister was signalling 
that she was pregnant.  ( I choose to tell my sister at a rock concert) 

I am humbled and very grateful for such a care filled gift !  Treasured and admired daily, plus I am 
More clever for this! Thank you very much! Shari X

The harsh north winds were repelled by the smoking hot " Palentine" awaiting me this morning.

My longtime, virtual friend/ penpal Penny in the UK, ( rosa lily) knew I loved her joyous
Art and all things vintage.  Thank you very much indeed!  xo

Kindness is infectious!  I must spread the " warmth" to my puddleducks!

My middle Puddleduck loves Nana Snailmail! a valentine that won't cause blushing!
I have two more to deliver, I better get a move ON!

The most appreciated gift in this KINGdom is comfort food, damsel baked treats and
exceptional movie entertainment!  Well ding, ding, ding!  My position is secured!
The movie for viewing enjoyment is!

I sneek peeked and WOW!  I highly recommend if this is your thing.  

One last touch........" candy"  

It's a long weekend in Ontario Canada!  Bundle up and let the warmth from your life's " gifts"
get you through !    xoxoxoxo


  1. That decorated box is a joy to behold - stunning gift. So glad you got mine (and so quickly!) our 'pond' isn't so big after all!! Pen xxxx

  2. Those wild 'n crazy sisters!! I enjoyed "Crimson Peak" but only because Tom Hiddleston is in it.

    1. Visual pleasure all around! Stunning film indeed!

    2. Visual pleasure all around! Stunning film indeed!

  3. Such wonderful gifts, Debi! I absolutely adore that gryphon picture at the end there. Well, I bet you knew I would. ;)

    1. that my friend is the Art of the King! He made coasters of all his comic book favs...Yes! I knew it would catch YOUR eye!! xo

  4. I saw that sisters painting in the Louvre but didn't know the story behind it... DID know it was in the Desperate Housewives titles ;) thinking chatting at a concert more my style rather than a nipple twist too hahaha!

    1. I am pleased to see you! Yes, and it was shown in the mini series..The Tudors season6 I think as well.....
      Im only as clever as the company I keep! xoxo

  5. Replies
    1. Happiest of Bleeding Hearts Day to you as well! xo

  6. Is that a little gryphon person under the chocolate heart?Lots of lovely things there!

  7. Keep warm! It is freezing here too! What beautiful gifts! Thanks for the history lesson! Very interesting! Great pic at the end! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. What a wonderful hoard of happy warmth :D XXX

  8. Warmth is always a lovely (don't recoil!) gift.

  9. Thank you so much for visiting! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxo

  10. Wow, look at all those cool gifts! :o) THAT painting, you know the one, there is a huge oil version in the upstairs room of The Cross Keys in Covent Garden (London - and it always used to make me smile... haven't been there in years, I wonder if it's still hung up there? I don't suppose it's the original but it was certainly the first time I ever saw it back in the 80's :o)


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