Friday, June 19, 2015

"Handle Yourself With KINDsight*"

Thank you Pinterest!  time well spent!

May 2015 was ongoing Fun!?  
Any month now, Summer will show up!  Hope I don't miss that!  
Time to take stock ( blessings counting!) and preparing the Grange for its next chapter.

My sister and I can put our black dresses away ( I will buy a new one!) as both partners have 
conquered their health issues.  My son is back where he belongs! and I am overjoyed. He has taught me forgiveness is possible.  My daughter has shown me Who, really is the strong one, as she maneuvers many life challenges with strength and  love.  Finally!  My treasured, 3 puddleducks, are growing and questioning  life  like champions! 

Netflix is continuing my education, my summer reading list is amazing, and new creative endeavours are piling up!  ( thank you virtual creative friends)
I have another blog, which is my twin's ( Gemini) You may have noticed a new button, top right.
This is a temporary design ( Thk u clip art) until my inspiration arrives, to design 
what I imagine I really envision.  Easel & Quill. All! welcomed!

That reminds me*** Welcome and Thank you all who visit and keep this " happy thoughts" 
Puddleduck Grange ALIVE!  xoxoxo

Short chat, today, I leave you with my summer reading pile.  Have A Safe and Joy Filled!!
Summer 2015!!!!!!!!   Love ( Debi) Prudence Puddleduck XO


  1. Sp glad everyone has overcome their health issues. Loving the new site and really love that my doll/Poppet is there she looks happy.

    I am envious of your reading list :) hope your summer is a great one


  2. Your reading list looks great - you seem to have become a lot more happy and creative since going over to the dark side!! Glad the family are all happy now, I know you will have a good summer x

  3. Sounds like life is good! That's super!

  4. Glad everything is going well! Love Sarah Addison Allen!

  5. What a wonderful list of blessings! I hope your summer is filled with creativity and reading. And Betty on the bike made me laugh out loud... I wasn't expecting her after all the misty, pretty book pics. ;D

  6. Glad to feel the sunshine you are creating with your family :D XXX

  7. OH Sarah Addison Allen writes such beautiful stories. My goodness I need to take some time to just get lost in a book. Things are going so well it seems my dear Debi! Especially now that summer has arrived. I'm so delighted for you!

  8. You sound happy.
    I'm glad all is well once again, in your world.
    Your reading pile looks wonderful!
    Have a perfect weekend x

  9. I am very happy that our family doesn't need our black dresses. Also I couldn't agree enough about the rekindling of our lovebirds. Xoxo

  10. I LOVE to read you in this mood; so happy and full of energy *it makes me want to hug your son and daughter tightly*.

    Your reading list is yummy. I have a special kind of affection for Sarah Addison Allen's writing, and your choices are delicious! ♥

  11. Those book covers look yummy - I could use some reading tips!

  12. Forgiveness! I am going through that right now! Happy everything is going better for you! Sending big hugs ;o)


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