Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oh Goody! Another Year ***

art by ME!

Fortunately my work schedule has been altered due to car trouble, so I have some ME time
To gather strength, inspiration and well being from all of you!  I visited an old posting where I referred to my fabulous friend Gina as " creative tipster" I am pleased to report that continues more
Grand! than ever! ( www.daydreambeliever.blogspot.com) 
This past nightmare year has rewarded my " onward" spirit with wildly creative, kind 
and extremely FUN ! new & longtime virtual friends! Deepest appreciation to you all.

I was honored to have filled a request for more fingerless gloves to my sweet sister and creative daughter!  I want them both to know they are made with very strong magic!
 I have ancient blood remember!

As some of you already know, I was on quite the winning streak!  It started with Yvonne 
( www.wintermoon.blogspot.com) winning books, gifting me books then winning a special
Christmas gift for Spectacles Crane! That was both a gift for him and more ME time! as he 
couldn't put it down, then it caused a visit to Micheals! ( craft store) for a leather bound
Buy one get one sketchbook ( yippy one for me!) as he was inspired to trip off into his
extremely creative world! 

Frankenstein's Diary won from Winter Moon Blog! ( love the tiny mushrooms on ribbon!)

New his & her leather sketch books!

Inspired first sketch  by.....Mr. Cranes (new sketchbook)

What was I up to you ask?  Well I was enjoying ME! time, bending my elbow!
With my MAGIC knitting needles! ( gotch Yah!)

I made a sweater for Bruno Brown who had been neglected for over a year and made him a friend
Whinny White, complete with pinafore !  ( www.fuzzymitten.com pattern) 
A new virtual friend, Rhissanna the dollmaker, ( skeleton tea set designer) inspired bunny making
from a free pattern she shared with us ( her icon is on the right!) 
Also gifting us with a doll pattern and introducing me to Paula McPhee,
 another fab dollmaker, who I purchased a pattern from ( wait for that!)

Mr. Claus delighted me with " Prince Lestat" , "Malificent" and the first 5 yrs of " Harry Potter"
just when my escape levels were getting low! 
Re- charged, and gifted with Fiona Ivy, ( www.broomsticks&lace.blogspot.com) I was blessed
With a wonderful week with two of my puddleducks!  The oldest being very clever, couldn't wait
To show his Nana a new craft he'd learned!  Making boxes from cards! Brilliant!
So we both choose the perfect card to dazzle me !

As Fiona Ivy looked on, we choose the heartfelt card from Jennifer
 ( broomsticksandlace.blogspot.com). A cherished, priceless moment***

When I read the shared post from Oma Linda, it tugged at me .  
Fantasy.  Whimsey, creative expression, what ever deters you from sinking 
into troubled waters, will lift you UP! and safely OUT!

MAGICK. conquers evil everytime!

Bee Safe, Cherish loved ones and  put the worry down, use that energe for 
something worthwhile!    Happiest of New Years To All !!!!


  1. So glad you have been able to recharge your batteries. I adore the picture at the beginning of your post and the final quote on fantasy. A wonderful post from beginning to end. I expect Bruno is pleased as punch with his new sweater and friend. Take care of you.
    Ali xx

  2. Happy New Year to you dear friend, it looks like you are going to be very busy xxx

  3. I admire both your crafting skills! I do love to TRY! and keep up xoxoxo

  4. Your new artwork is fab, Debi! All your creative endeavous are FAB!! You've really got your creative groove happening! "Me time!" *sigh* Haven't managed it yet, but it is on my list of 2015 resolutions. Got to find some balance this year! :)

    Hope all your dreams come true this year, Debi!! ❤

  5. Oh, gosh, you've been so BUSY! I love that sketch, I love those textured backgrounds and I know how long it takes to draw all the tiny circles, (and how satisfying it is!) Thank you so much for putting up a blog link on your sidebar. I'm honoured indeed!

  6. Always nice to visit with Aussie friends! Dream together and plan lottery winnings with! Maybe this is the year! we ALL meet in the French Quarter for the Vampire Ball!? xo

  7. Hi Debi, thanks for popping by my blog today! Love those fingerless gloves!

  8. note to self when sending a photo always look my best because who knows if it will be found on your blog :) little puddleduck has the crafty gene and auntie loves it !!!! very nice art by prudence as well xo

  9. I LOVE those fingerless gloves! I make all mine in purple too :)

  10. What an awesome energy filled post! You have inspired me too... :D And those card boxes!!! Your puddleducks are sooo clever! Here's to another yea of naughtiness :D XXX

  11. What a fun blog and a great blog post. Happy New Year to you and I hope 2015 is an awesome year for you!

  12. Ooh I love Maleficent! I always think about the point of view of the villains and what might really be the case!

    Your art is fantastic!

  13. Wow! You've been really busy, and creative.

    I love handmade gifts, so your sister and daughter must have been thrilled with their fingerless gloves. I'm glad your mister liked and is enjoying the book.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that your lucky streak will stay for good! xx

  14. I second Yvonne's wow! You've been busy and then some, my dear Debi. And so many gorgeous bits. The bit I love most is your art at the very top. Love those colors and the expression on her face.

    And that last quote, I have a lot to say about it. Probably an entire post!

    Much love, and may 2015 be gentle on us. ♥

  15. Love the image you made with the crowned birds, too! So delicate!

  16. Oh my you have had a delightful Christmas Debi! And I am with you now, hunkering down braving the winter as it slowly passes by. Spring will come, we will be patient and the snow will melt tee hee! Happy new year!

  17. So glad you are enjoying some ME time. You are such a talent and so positive - the only way to be. Thanks for sharing all of this and wish you a Wonderful New Year with much joy, inspiration and happiness!

  18. Hi Debi, just popping in to say hi! Sounds like you have been busy, I love reading your posts - always so uplifting! Take care my friend and Happy New Year to you and yours! Hugs xxx

  19. I see you are from Northern Ontario! We Canuckians must stick together. And of course, anyone who likes fingerless gloves is a friend of mine.

  20. I am so happy my dear virtual friend Estelle has visited me from Wales! I have missed you !! And WELCOME two new virtual friends! Susie and Debra! I am overjoyed and appreciate you all more than you know!!! xoxoxo

  21. This is a very, lovely, heart-warming post. I love all of the goodies you posted, the cards, the Frankenstein sketch book is amazing.
    May you have a year full of comfortable bliss.


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