Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Giving Season

Once welcomed, onced run toward, not so welcomed during this chapter.
Tradition, I depend on it, it is my balance back to centre.  Bringing out this families well
worn trinkets, I have decided this is the last year of the memories TREE!
The tides are pulling out and away.  I am waving, tearfully from the firm ground.  
And that is the secret!  In every family, no matter what " the family" is, there always needs to be 
a familier, friendly, unconditional, respite.  It doesn't have to be a building, or location, but
someone or something, that draws and calms.
That's all I have for pearls this year.....I do know my word for next year " Change"  I feel
it as a certainty mote it be.

All of you mean so very much to me, thank you for your kindness, inspiration and friendship!

A Very Very Merry Christmas , hold those you cherish close, hug more often ( I don't, only children)
and set an all are a creative punch, use your imagination! 

I will leave you with my memories tree, ( Rosa Lily handcrafted soks and all) my daughters tree, 
featuring her kittens new hiding spot, and my sisters enchanted forest theme tree....

The Puddleducks will be giddy on Christmas morning I'm sure, they all are growing
way to fast.  Their parents ( my children) continue to amaze me, wondering " who raised these
clever adults? ".   Believe me, there is a force greater than us , guardians ( Angels) 
who will guide, if only we pay attention....( I full of gems today!)

photo from Ziggy 

My gratitude is over- flowing, I have been greatly forgiven and this chapter is much easier
to navigate!
Embrace the gift of a NEW YEAR!  Tons of Love and Huge Hugs to ALL!  

Thank You Rosa Lily!  I treasure each Christmas gift from you! My Long-time blogfriend!


  1. Thank you for sharing your tree of memories it looks beautiful. Our tree is full of memories, decorations bought and made by our children as each year passes. Change is good embrace it and keep your angels close.
    Ali xx

  2. I laughed out loud at the pic of the cheeky kitten hiding in the tree!

    2014 has been a bit of a challenging year so I'm hoping for a few positive changes in 2015. There have been plenty of bright spots too though, and one of them is the wonderful little community we have online. You are a treasure Debi and I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. Sending you hugs (and some sunshine to warm you up) from Oz! ❤ ❤ ❤ xo

  3. Happy Christmas! Sending hugs and wishes for a bright new year!

  4. The cheeky kitten got an advance present of a spray bottle wasn't well received. Lol. I love seeing all the decorations filled with my childhood memories. And I for one am an overgrown child, adult is such a strong word. Lol. Xo

  5. My dearest Debi, you have been a constant 'virtual' friend, if only we lived closer!! I value our friendship and long may it continue. Love your memory tree - beautiful. Have wonderful Christmas lovely lady, and yes we all have guardian angels!! xxxx

  6. Such a wonderfully heartfelt post, I love all the images too.

    I wish yourself and your beloved family a magical Christmas. I'm sure the puddleducks will be as happy as ever with so many people around who love them.

    Enjoy this special season and I hope 2015 brings you everything you could ever dream of. xx

  7. Awww that is just beautiful Debi! Merry Christmas to you my magical friend!

  8. God Jul to you too, Debi!
    What a cute kitty in the tree, some years we had that issue too :)

  9. I can't stop staring at that glorious hat. Happy holidays, love... What a glorious hat...

  10. So many little space to wear them all lol...except the hat...I would definitely wear that hat!!! And just so you know, meeting you has been one of the highlights of my year :D XXX


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