Saturday, November 22, 2014


Do you feel that? Shift , shake and shutter, that time of year once again!
Relieved my recent mound of packages safely reached the various corners of the planet, 
I am quietly planning my next " special magical event"

Reeling from the generous, inspiring and gifted virtual friends, as well as my talented family, 
I still am breathless with awe.
We were gifted with a doll pattern from Rhissanna's blog , gratefully I gave it a go!

I now process a huge appreciation and admiration for ALL who skillfully craft Art Dolls!  

After our recent snow dump, I was surprised at the snailbox with a kind and thoughtful 
gift from Gothic Flamigo.  This Aussie Hottie, sent me this from a Canadian artist in B.C.
Canada!  How clever ! I love shopping on Etsy so this new find is on my long list of wonderful
artists shops. ( The Poppy Tree)

Freezing temps remind me to take stock of my treasured reading collection.  Some may 
have already gathered I am a SLOW ....reader! Yes reader, 
I have enough voices in my head, not fond of Audio books!
" Blooming Howls" by Magaly ( all links to those mentioned are to your right)
is my newest addition.  I still need to read " Conversation with Oliver" by Ben Marsten
and finish " Living with the Dead" by Annie Wall.   I still have my dreamy Anne Rice, 
" The Vampire Lestat" on the go, savouring every word!  Reading is huge luxury,
and sure to clear out life's crap!

Hooky ( from my new job) on a snow bound day with two of my puddleducks 
resulted in a quick trip to Micheals!!! and pure creative fun!  Yes! the North Pole finally 
has the dream store! that's why Nana needed a job!

When my girl isn't chasing kilts, boring my Puddleduck, eager for Santa's float,
 she is making Spectalcles Crane a special Birthday Wish!

More Cake! then I dig out the Yuletide treasures I have been trekking with me for decades!

My wonderful little sister has sent me a NEW treasure, music box!  Reminds me 
of her as a child although she says it reminded her of the Shirley Temple movies I loved!  Awe! 

You All are determined to keep that old piece of coal beating.........................
( art by the fantastic Trish Romance) 

Scatter Joy, the smallest amount makes a difference, really!  Bee Safe! xo


  1. Gosh what fun you have been having :D....and your doll is fantabulous! Did you give her a name yet? XXX

  2. See! it takes a talented Doll Maker to ask the all important question. A NAME!
    Well NO, this detail has slipped my "mind"
    I named the wonderful D0ll you made me Epiphany, so I need something equally
    tongue tingling!
    Suggestions are WELCOMED! thank you Gina!

  3. Aww... what a lovely post filled with goodies and great friends! You did a fabulous job with the doll. She's got such personality. It's amazing how, even from the same pattern, each artist gives a doll a different character. They really are little individuals, which I guess is why some people are freaked out by dolls... and why I love them so much. Mwah haha. ;D

    I love that photo of your daughter and grandson!

    There is a package coming from me very soon, by the way. ❤ I am temporarily without a car, so I haven't been able to get to the post office, but should be able to do so during this coming week. No doubt my packages will get caught up in the Yuletide mail now, but I'll let you know when it's on the way, so you can keep an eye out for it.

    1. Oh! My!! thank you Emma, I'm without words! ( for now anyway! )
      I loved making Rhissanna's pattern, bloody finger tips and all!

  4. Oh I love that art - from The Poppy Tree, was it? Super cute.

    And I loved Garden Spells, so thank you very much for sending it! I might have to look up what else she has written :)

  5. I have sought out two more of Sara 's books, for my hibernation reading, I'm very happy you enjoyed the read! x

  6. Wow, sounds like you have been busy! I love Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat, they are two of my favourite books!

  7. I got my parcel! I got it! Thank you, thank you. Fabric and books, the very best kind of present! Ah, and I love your doll! I love her flowing hair and that sweet face. (So, does she have a name? We all want to know!) You gave her just the nicest legs, too!

    1. Gang Up of Doll Makers, I will ask her what her name is!!!!! Save this for
      another time......I am going to try your bunny pattern next, and it will have
      a name so I wont continue to be shamed! in the Doll Makers Guild xoxo

    2. Hooray for Doll Makers! *hugs you*

  8. You need to send some of that shaking my way. I swear I have about 10 things that need to be wrapped and shipped out, but are currently just staring at me. *sigh*

    So glad Blooming Howls is nesting in waiting to be read with Oliver and SeƱor Lestat. What great company. I love audiobooks. I'm quite the multi-tasker, so audiobooks allow me to cook or check out what my friends are doing on Facebook, for instance, while I listen to a yummy tale.

  9. I now am honored with 3 of your stories! I love Alma and Thorn in Red is
    Splendid and I must re read it, then your new one! You are a very skilled author
    And I love where your stories take me! xo

  10. Well happy birthday to that Spectacles Crane of yours! And my my how beautiful that doll turned out. She looks stunning! I shave been playing in clay just as you and yours have. I will share soon what comes of it ;) I am loving that parcel you received. Such dreamy art <3

  11. What a lovely post, filled with so many wonderful things. Your doll so made me smile. I do feel she has a hint of Paloma about her :) I too seem to have developed a very slow reading habit, I used to devour at least one a week. Your daughter is so talented, what a perfect birthday card. And what a thoughtful sister, the music box is so sweet. Hope you have a lovely week despite the snow. At least you got some time with the puddleducks.
    Ali xx

  12. Waiting for santa on a cold morning, wishing for kilt movement kept my blood warm. love the doll....maybe a brown haired blue eyed one next???? I enjoy seeing that my creations are liked it keeps me creative xo

  13. I'm sure Rhissanna can help me with that? Time maybe a problem, but we believe
    In magic DONT WE?

  14. This post made me so happy, Debi! So much to smile about here! ❤


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