Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prudence has disappeared!

"Oh my boresome Jack, I loath this dismal cavern by the bay. This tingelling purple beverage is all that
warms me.  I do so miss my new friend Prudence" " I must go cheer and inspire as I was made to do"
Epiphany declared.
Befuddled Jack , gazed cautiously about for the most adoring, words to wiggle from this perfect
"My distant Epiphany, I can feel the chill filling our cave and all the treasures from Sweden and Wales , do nothing to break your illusive glare." softly spoke Jack.

Suddenly, Epiphany announced, " I have imagined my replacement and can not allow this to be"!
" Jack, I must sip up my delious Hallow Eve liquid and wish you continued adventures"!
Bewildered but determined, Epiphany let her magic she brought from Sheffield guide her safely
back to her proper home.  Inside she was shock at the site of her premonition.

" I have come back to my new home just in time!" sighed Epiphany.  Glancing around for 
clues to where? Prudence could be on her  All Hallow's Eve  she adores.  At last
her handwriting written in haste, attached to her staff " Dear Darlings, I will be by to swoop you all up for the main event do not dispair!" " Epiphany, dearest muse, please see to the following:

Thank you to Yvonne, Katarina and Rhissanna for the generous and prefect gifts!  

To my Tricker Treators,   please mention which book you would enjoy, and Epiphany 
( who I knew would come home where she truly belongs!) will pic all names from my caldron 
when I get back! 

The Witches Broom.  By Deborah Blake
Dark Witch.  By Nora Roberts
and my absolute fav........Garden Spells.  by Sarah Addison Allen

Blessings, Bee Safe! and remember..." Strangers have the best candy!" 


  1. oooow...Dark witch sounds intriguing :D...and Epiphany's new friend (the flat one) looks equally interesting. Can't wait to see the finished doll :DXXX

  2. Since I have the others, and even several copies of Garden Spells, plese throw my name in for Deborah Blake's The Witches Broom. Thank you for this kind opportunity.
    I wonder about the warming qualities of purple beverages.
    I am sure Prudence will return safely.

  3. Prudence has entered a dark space and she's loving it! Your mystic muse is never far away, she is guiding you to a whole new adventure - enjoy! xx

  4. It's already 9:00 AM on Halloween here and because of a super-busy week, and not much sleep last night, I'm feeling like death warmed up (kind of appropriate, I guess! Haha.), but the dark whimsy of both your posts has given me the kick-start I needed to get into the Halloween spirit! Thank you, lovely Debi! ❤

  5. Another wonderful post Debi, I'm so glad you're enjoying all the gifts you so rightly deserve. Happy Halloween!! ♥

  6. I lost it after "do nothing to break your elusive glare"! Hahaha!! Dear Jack, you are such a sweet talker!

  7. Oh, and I LOVESme some Garden Spells. I think it's time to reread it. ♥️

  8. Love this post, makes my wheels turn.

    As for one of the books it would have to be The Witches Broom - By Deborah Blake, I have a few of her books and just adore her.

    Blessed Samhain!!!

  9. I know that all will be as it should be soon. This post is so fun and proper for today. Enjoy your pressies and I would be thrilled to have my name put in for Garden Spells, (ducks as Ms. M swings at me), upon your recommendation. Have a Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween and a lovely Friday, Smooches & Squoozes, Oma Linda

  10. Happy halloween Prudence, i miss you over on ig have you finished over there? Xxx

  11. Oh, poor Jack! I hope he finds a new love!

    Garden Spells is one of my favourite books, I would love a copy. the Witch's Broom looks great too! I would love either!

  12. Oooo, can anyone go Trick or Treating here? I'd love a chance to win "Garden Spells"!

    Happy Halloween!

  13. Ohhhh Happy Halloween dear Debi! We have had so few trick or treaters with this amount of snow. I would just adore The Witches' Broom!

  14. Thank you ALL! for celebrating with me and as always brightened yet another
    Wonderful time, Halloween , Samhain! I will draw names and PM the gift books to their new home.

  15. Gina, Oma Linda, Jennifer & Katrina, watch for you gift! Thank you everyONE!

  16. Oh I have so been neglecting you since my lovely son shared his germs with me :)
    I hope you had a suitably spooky halloween. Hopefully I will stay put in blogland for now.
    Ali xx

  17. Hi, Debi
    Well, if I had been here on time, I would have chosen 'Garden Spells'...I hear it is a very 'good read'.
    Thanks for stopping by with your kind comment about our (humble) talented family. Blush! Blush! Too many nice comments which I don't want to go to my brain or puff me up!
    Teresa in California


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