Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Crafting Blooming Howls" 2014

Our Jack arrived suddenly several months ago.  He had found his way out of a dense damp northern Ontario forest, to hitch a ride with a passing transport truck. Barely rolling to a stop, the trucker tossed Jack out into
crazed traffic. Tumbling frantically Jack finally gained balance and swaggered to the first house he spotted.
Yes?   The dishevelled stranger collapsed and I gathered Mr. BagOBones up and into the warm living room.

Several months had passed and Mr. BagOBones had endeared and entertained daily, helpful without cause.
One day Mr. BagOBones clamored into the craft room with a wondrous sized package!  The regal stamp
had me smiling and ripping apart the wrapping.
Plopped down in shear joy I have a most sought after Sheffield Muse of my very own!  Mr. BagOBones was struck, solidified, dumbstruck, In Love.

This poised delight must have a name, one that tingles on the tongue, tickles the ears and lights up all who
speak it.......... Miss.Epiphany Foreboding........

Introductions followed, the room fell silent.  I excused myself and left these two curiously gazing at each other and I filled with giddy fortune.  

Let the magic begin......................

"Epiphany, may I offer you a seat and a night cap"?  said Mr. BagOBones
Confused with the wording, she took a seat, as the candle was lite and the purple beverage from the
extraordinaire tea pot was served.  Sensing her unease, "Please, call me Jack"

"Mr. B...Jack, I am very please to meet you, call me Epiphany".  Calm restored and comfort setting in
conversation built for hours. Sharing tales, interests and preferred enchantments.  Splendidly different
yet endearingly familiar the magic builds and these two are entranced forever.

"A peculiar new world, exciting beginnings and meeting someone empty headed without a plan .....perfect"!
whispered Epiphany.
 Devilish grin and eager energy, Jack stumbled for an equally endearing remark.... That's it!
"Singleton nevermore, mysterious dame to gaze upon, soulless without blame.........perfect"!
smirked Jack.

I was eager to begin my day with my Sheffield muse and craft the most admired offerings.  On the table, with
my treasured "Courting Tea Set"! was the most vibrant of greetings.

"Thank you for your hospitality and helpful efforts, I have found my one true love and I must  bid you farewell"!  respectfully, Mr. BagOBones

Knowingly, I slipped into my comfy rocking chair and sighed..
....this is not
                                             THE END!

Howling Hallow Eves Gratitude to................

my kindhearted and loving Sister for illuminating my home with Halloween Warmest Wishes!
Daydream Believer Gina for gifting me Epiphany to brighten each day!
Gaslight and Gilt Rhissanna delicate, unique, and now beloved "Courting Tea Set"
                             and to   O U R
Bloody Bubbly Charming Hostess.......
......Magaly Guerrero Pagan Culture


  1. Oh Debi, this is perfect! Such gorgeous images to accompany your words, and I do love your new-look blog :)

  2. Aw, I love it when even haunted toys find love! <3 Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Wonderful reads, lovely images x

  4. was great to read about your lovely dolly friends, the images are perfect as are your words.

  5. What a cute story!
    All I can think looking at those pictures is how the little things on the way to you across the Atlantic right now will fit into the scene :)

  6. True love...sweetest of Halloween treats :)

  7. Magical story beautiful Debi! Oh how I love your beautiful pictures, what a magical Halloween scene!

  8. Absolutely love, love the black and white style of the pictures, and are those your new tea set I see spread across the table. It's just pure Halloween and a really clever entry to Lady Magaly's Howl! As I said to her, and now to you, thank you for setting a place at YOUR table.

  9. more more more!!!!!! lovin this story. xo

  10. I want to trade places with Epiphany! lol. That scene looks Heavenly! ♥

  11. I enjoy sending personal emails to each one! Thank you visiting me and my special world!
    " Witches in Fiction" has been a " Howling" Blast! Visiting all and meeting others has
    been darkly delightful! xo

  12. I LOVE creepy a creepy romance! I hope they make some spooky babies that rip the town apart... after lots of practice of course.

    I love them both, Debi... you matchmaker you! ♥♥

  13. That was so adorable, Debi! Your grandchildren are the luckiest in the world to have you and your beautiful, brilliant imagination! ❤

    "Miss.Epiphany Foreboding" ~ LOVE that name to bits!!! :D

  14. What a gorgeous post! A lovely story accompanied by delightfully dark images - love it! Thank you for sharing this, dear Debi ♥

  15. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I love the photographs, like a Film Noire and Epiphany looks so sweet, taking tea. Gina's doll is just the right size for the tea cups (and the right size, I note, for Jack!) What a wonderful romance!

  16. Those pictures are enchanting! What a treat to wake up to.

  17. There are gremlins in the blogger machine today, trying to keep me from commenting.
    Thank you for sharing and being party of Magaly's wonderful party.

  18. Beautiful imaginative tale & loved their conversation which led to their happy elopement! Great pics too :)

  19. love is always the topic....even if between haunted toys....
    You are priceless and so is this tale. Love, love, love, Oma Linda

  20. Seriously Awesome stuff!!! Don't know why I didn't see your link earlier, but loving Epiphany's taste in menthings :D XXX

  21. What fun and friendship was had by all! Congratulations to all the winners of the giveaways and until next " Howlin"
    Trick and Treat On! xoxoDebi

  22. Oh I loved this, it really made me smile. Hope we do get more tales!

  23. A wonderful love story enhanced by sweet pictures! What interesting characters you interact with! Thanks!


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