Thursday, September 4, 2014

Revised Direction

Warm September, thank you Mother Nature.  I noticed the jolt to my reality as soon as the calendar flipped.  Empty, calm, peace.  I have mentioned this summer was a stinking, blood sucking, battle of "wills" !   As all turbulence it does straighten out ...eventually.  
My bubble is slowly finding centre, and I have decided on some changes.  There will be more My Time, 
that fight will be mine.  I need to value my dreams and aspirations, as invisible as they are at present.

I enjoy watching, standing back, quietly observing others, being swept up in their jubilation.  
I'm sure others feel the tension in the world seeping into your hearts, my shift started after Sandy Hook shootings.  Questioning " life" and all what is " reality". 

Autumn brings harvest and gratitude.  All in All, my harvest has been plentiful , my soul feels better than it has in a very longtime.  My family is well, productive and independant, wrapped in my protective love.
I suppose I just answered myself then? don't you think?

I love having visitors, I do treasure my tea cup from Wales! ( courteousy of Winter Moon on Etsy) 
Off to tidy up Summer and memorize the wonderful moments.  Visiting playful puddleducks, hugs and chances to pass on lessons, to my half listening, grown children and secret gifts from a loving Great Aunti to make their Summer! a special one.

Let's visit again real soon!  The Fabulous Orange Season is creeping up and I hear you ALL
buzzing away and preparing the best FUN! ever!  xoxoxoDebi


  1. What a lovely uplifting post. No lectures, just shared lessons in patience. Thank you :D XXX

  2. I agree with Gina, such a lovely post, and I love the pics of the Puddleducks they are just to stinking cute.

  3. So happy that you are taking time for yourself, we all need 'me time', recharging batteries and spending days with loved ones. September brings new hope :) xx

  4. I love this post, such happy images. I absolutely adore Autumn, it's most definitely my favourite season (and not just because Halloween is around the corner :D )

    It's good to take time for yourself. We all need that xx

  5. Lovely post, full of joy and sensible talk. Your tea cup is beautiful, tea always tastes better in the perfect cup.
    Ali xx

  6. We only pretend to be half listening all your worldly advice whispers at me daily. Xo Amy

  7. The sweetest family pictures!!! I wonder when we will be seeing orange, yellow, and red leaves abundant?! I remember my stepsisters baby shower was late August last year and the leaves were at their brightest autumn colours! I enjoy a late autumn, we will have more time to enjoy it instead of getting winter at Halloween.

  8. I'm sooo happy Fall brings such a peace to your heart. It does the same for me. It must be the proximity to All Hallow's Eve. Everything feels possible, the riot of Summer slows a bit, the Great Mother sighs for a while and starts thinking of Winter cold and the Spring to come.

    I hope you get to observe a lot, experience more, and then share it with us! ♥

  9. The photo with the soft sunlight, the teacup and candle looks so peaceful! Glad life is more peaceful for you at the moment!

  10. enJOY your September ~ dreams, reality ~ all of it. For it all, no matter how we define, mold or manifest it … no matter how we experience it, it adds value. Challenges and all.

    Well, that's my experience. So far. :)

  11. Lovely, lovely post. i just love the calm of September too. Enjoy orange season :) xxxxx

  12. Dear Debi,

    I'm back from a long time of absence. The moment I read your latest entry. I feel happy that I took the time to read it. And a little sad, because although your life is blessed with love, you also feel the shift in the world, and that makes you sad. I understand you completely. From now on I will take time to read your blog and I know I will enjoy it. Enjoy the orange season. Be blessed and loved! XOXO Petra


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