Friday, August 8, 2014

Camp Puddleduck 2014!!!

Summer of 2014 has been one for the "books!" 
This being my " happy place" we will leave it at that!
Over this time, blog land has been fantastic! 
Literary genius, Art Extrodinaire and Travel! I only can dream of.  
You ALL have saved lives and mine!  Deepest Gratitude.....

Epiphany and I  ( handcrafted by Gina!) have been making " mango ice creme" ( Magaly Style) 
playing non-stop!  

Two of my puddleducks have been visiting and brightened the Summer! Also a birthday celebration 
just to sparkle things up!  
Following is some of our antics !!!

Water! ( not me ) Thankfully ALL my puddleducks are water wise! My middle Puddleduck is 
Lucky to have a pool in his back yard!  ( such a good Mommy) 

Books and music is all I'm sure they will enjoy! at the moment!  
From the youngest to the eldest they ALL requested " Robert Munch" books....
..Clueless I took to Amazon, and covered my ignorance well!

          we do know how to " Party " at Nana's!!!  5 yr old daredevil!

8 yr. old birthday boy, testing strength on his Dad!  ( I  love this part! ) 

Love & Appreciation in a child's eyes is priceless!

My middle Puddleduck lives further away, sadly, ( in my home town).  
Being the traveller!
( inherited genes)  After a brilliant school year, the summer was filled with new adventures!
( such a good Mommy)

I am very happy I had children in my youth, there is just enough juice left to enjoy my 
Puddleducks before they fly off on their own ANTIC's!   ( can't wait for that chapter!)

Now that " antic's seems to be my favorite word today, my little sister is becoming 
careless in her off time.  Her hubby found a discarded bike ( I know! Who would do such a terrible thing!) and remembering our childhood bike riding horror tale, thought to give my sister a second chance at freedom ( long story ... Involving me disobeying ).  Kind and caring jester, until she took off on it before he could install BRAKES!  
As her luck would have it, NO consequences!  

Now her freedom bike is safe, garden is blooming and I still love to take off on my bike 
and enjoy Puddleducks!

I am working on my next post, and will be back sooner than later!  
I have met new bloggers! ( in my blog list section) , love Twitter! and Instagram is amazing.

Enjoy your time! Every second! & Bee Kind!  

Love to you ALL xoxoxo



  1. Sounds like you had the most wonderful time over the summer with your 'Puddleducks' ! Now is it back to near normal life? Bet you don't like that? I just love that image of you on the bike, lovely xx

  2. It's wonderful to have you back :) I adore the picture of you on your bike, you look so carefree!

    So many things to celebrate here, I enjoyed looking at all your photographs, you have a beautiful family of puddleducks x

  3. What an awesome summer you have all had together :D And I never tire of that image of you riding out to find adventure on your bicycle <3 XXX

  4. I am thrilled to see your back in blog land. What a lovely way to spend the summer with your puddleducks. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos but like everyone else I just love the photo of you on your bike.
    Can't wait for your next post.
    Ali xx

  5. Halloween will be here soon to sweep away any unpleasantness from over the summer, lovely Debi! ♥

    Your Puddleducks are toooooooooo cute!! Looks like you all had the most wonderful time together!!

  6. Lovely summer pics, I too love the one with you on your blue bike!!! xo Christina

  7. I squealed, clapped and cackled/giggled like the happiest of all loving loons when I saw your blog on my feed. Yay! I love to read your adventures with your grands and babes and sis... and your bike, of course. And how lovely is Miss Epiphany!

    My favorite picture of you will always be you happily peddling a bike into mischief. ;-) ♥

  8. It always amazes me how much you fun and adventure you get up to. :-)

    Hopefully the good parts of the summer outweigh the not so great parts. :-)

  9. Awwww the puddleducks and Nana seem to be having a lovely summer! That mango ice cream sounds just yummy, I will have to try some of that ;)

  10. I'm so happy to see you blogging again, gives me to push I need to get my creative juices flowing again. One last hurrah to end summer 2014 is coming and should be amazing. Xo

  11. The mermaid doll is awesome! Glad everything is going well! Oh what would I do without books? I couldn't live without reading and writing!

  12. You are such a sweetheart Debi! Those gorgeous little puddleducks are very lucky indeed to have such a wonderful Nana ♥

  13. Lovely Debi, you cam up in conversation between me and my sis today. And i thought, I HAVE to run over and say helooo right away. Look at all this fun you are having, how wonderful!!! Warmest Regards from Arizona!!! Vanessa <3

  14. Well looks like you have had a fun Summer! Take care my friend xx


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