Monday, March 17, 2014

No Humour When There Is A Cure!

May your Blessings out number
The Shamrocks that grow
And may Trouble avoid you
Wherever you go!
-Irish Blessing

Hollys Horrorland Challenge  was to create something RED for this Green Day, celebration.  My
extensive reading lately has awaken new awareness toward many myths.  ( oh, and the boring radio channel I suffer through each morning at 6:30am )

Oh the blarney ....St. Patrick was welsh, ship wreaked and taken ( rescued?) to Ireland at 16, then we may? assume! ( yes I know)  who got ahold of his future.  Grown and bound to duty, chased those disobiediant snakes ( pagans) out of Ireland. 

Cheers! better than burning them at the stake!

                                 What do you get
                                 When you cross
                                 Poison Ivy 
                          With a Four Leaf Clover?
                        A Rash Of Good Luck!!!
                                           Author Unknown

Lovely metaphor , if only the two could get along!

Have a Wonderful Day, Get Along!  and Thank you All for Visiting Me!  xoxoxoxo

My art was inspired by an image by


  1. That wonderfully red hair and the snake around her waist are purrrfect!

    Love the Irish saying. Great to add to this challenge. I, too, was surprised by what I found while reading about the Saint. So many different myths--and reasons behind the lack of snakes. But we already know this, mythology is a beautiful, bottomless pit that keeps on giving because we add our bits to it.

    May you, too, get "A Rash Of Good Luck" today!

  2. Casting " A Rash For All!" xoxoxo

  3. Love your artwork :) the sayings are also great!

    Bee happy x

  4. Bold artwork and lovely sayings xxxx

  5. I too have always been baffled by St Patrick's day, and how many people STILL point out that there are no snakes in Ireland lol
    And did you know that archaeological evidence shows there was a huge community thriving on the west coast of Ireland in the iron/bronze age? Wonder if they were the "serpents" he drove out? *scratching at my rash* :D XXX

  6. I loved the little pieces of poetry you included in this post. I am always looking for something positive to right in my gratitude journal. Your artwork is amazing. Wonderful colours and the bird in flight looks beautiful. Hope the weather is being kinder to you at the moment.
    Ali xx

  7. Just love love love this piece of artwork! I'm half Irish and have frequented the emerald isle a few times in my days. I just HATE everything about St. Patrick's day, driving the Pagans out!

  8. Love the blessing. You can never have to many of them.

  9. Thank you ! Creative Hearts for your kindness. March is full of ART! to whisk us all! into Spring!!! xoDebi

  10. Thanks for creating such a bloody beautiful piece for my Challenge!
    I love it and your Oz-cellent art! :)


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