Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Creating Spring! ARC Review & Art Journal 2014 Swap ( Swap Now Closed)

Please!!! click on Puddleduck Grange for February ARC book review!  Thank you very much!

My hunt for Spring took me to the fabric shop!  I love the remnant  bin , I fill containers 
with bargin finds.  This purple " mystery" fabric , as it was labeled , and " distant memories" of Spring
screamed " Pick  Me! " 

I am intrigued with the class " Silent Journalling" found in The Trodden Path art community,
Exploring various techniques.  One in particular involved "Creative Paperclay" 
Many of you have used this product , as I have admired your various works, but news to me!
and I am a curious duck! after all *****

Dime store note books get me every time! and this one found its way to my creative corner.
Gesso over the cover, then Creative Paperclay! and stamps!!   Well , never been the best student, 
After many mis-steps and notable errors for next time...

My new art planner has a new look!   Fingers covered in clay and paint, I want to cover everything in sight with this magic!  Hmm, ??  I've been saving my tea canisters, for what? Not sure, never am.

The bubble I find myself in during these creative frenzies is delightful!  The weather is cold, grey
And beyond ridiculous, so instead of crawling under the couch in the fetile position,  I fling 
Paint, glue, paper and let's NOT forget Glitter! about....

Yesterday I was swirling about, involved in my domestic diva duties, when during my marmalade and toast break, I click on my FB page!   Oh those Glamourous Island Gals!  Now there is some serious
"Creative Frenzy" 

Rosa Lily (  liked my Hallowtine swap with Gina and Ashley

Ashley & her 3yr.old son. (

Gina in my previous post**

And suggested " Let's Swap! "

I cherish each artists piece I have been fortunate to swap with over quite a long time now.  
I have the most beautiful Doll Dreams portfolio of amazing Dollies !!!  So this is where the
" Art Journaling 2014" swap collection is modelled from.....

Each Artists piece ( short tale, poem, affirmation mixed medium illustration or fabric art) 
will fit into a Kraft. envelope , 5.75" x 9 1/2".  Or......  14.8 cm X 24.1 cm

You will make an ORIGiN piece 9 X 12 or 8 x 11. ( will need trimming to fit into Kraft Envelope) 
for each swap participant 
Add your info ( blog, ect..). ..include your Etsy, eBay, or other shop info or service you provide.

End result will be Art that can be made into a journal .....

I plan on doing both sides , maybe adding an ATC size pocket, pouch for business card.
Something that reminds you of ME!.... 

Future swaps can be added to your journal, and at the end of this year, you can look back, 
remembering the art fun you had and the wonderful Virtual Friendships ! created****

Please, commitment to postal deadlines and be aware of postal costs.  

This swap will close on March 3rd 2014.
I will email all who signed up on Tuesday March 4th 2014......

Depending on how many we EACH are sending to ...will decide the End Date!

I hope you all join in ....*********************************************************

Well!   that will keep me HAPPy !  I love swapping, I love making things and gifting them.
My daughter has requested an infinity scarf ( it will be for next winter I'm affraid) my PIF list
( pay it forward list) , monthly Artful Reading Club and Now!  Virtual Art Journal Swap!
My Creative calendar is smiling! 

Thank YoU! VERY! much and Welcome**** to my new blog friends!  Each and everyone
Inspires me and enlightens my old heart, more than you will ever know.
I am looking forward to Holly' "St. Patrick Twisted Day Hop" and Linda, hosting,Hues of OZ! 
to follow.

As you see! not much time to fret about " Where in Hell is SpRIng?" 

Bee Kind!       Bee Considerate!    Bee Creative!!!


  1. You know you can add my name for the swap, great post and it's so good to see you so creative in many ways xxx

  2. So excited ├╝ber excited to see my infinity scarf in progress. An immediate smile came to my face when just seeing the top of the picture. Always look forward to reading your posts and inspires me to be creative again and blog about my interests. Xo

  3. One day I'll learn to sew and paint a bit. After that, my house will probably be an eternal explosion of spring.

    How I love all these colors, Debi. And I just picture your how full of goodies and glitter, too.

  4. Hi there :)

    I'm in for the swap! And good luck with all your activities lol My mind would be frazzled.

    Have a great day!

  5. Just look at the amazing artist's you all are! and what you all have to share and inspire others with! You all enlighten me daily! Rosa Lily & Corrina, our 2014 Art journal book has begun!! Thank you All! xoxoxoxo

  6. Ouuu the art journalling! The spring colours are flying Debi! I can't wait to get out of this deep freeze, I am coming over to your side of seeing things, bring on spring!

  7. Such bright and beautiful spring colours!
    I love all your little creations xx

  8. Love your work Debi! I too have a toast and marmalade break each morning but never come up with great ideas like yours :) I'm not a very good artist but will watch to see what work you all come up with in this wonderful swap.

    Bee happy x

    1. Thank you Deborah for letting me twist! your arm to join in our
      Art Journal 2014! In thrilled!! A story board of YOU! I will treasure as well as the others! xoDebi

  9. Thanks so much for promoting my arty party!
    I'd love to join yours, but don't think I can create something in time, sadly.
    I'll definitely join in next time though!

  10. Oh, I love that bright Spring fabric! Your artwork is all so beautiful. Fantastic job on the clay. I have never used that medium and I love the way yours turned out. Hugs, Mina

  11. the paper clay on your planner looks sweet! your swap is tempting!!! but i am over committed in swaps over at atcsforall, i've got to complete my list first, looking foward to future swapping and seeing the art you and your swap mates will be making :]

  12. All your kind comments help to melt the snow and raise the temp! around here! Thank you one and ALL! Special Thank you to Rosa Lily, Deborah, Bee Happy home and Accessories and of course Corrina for joining Art Journal 2014 Swap!
    Thrilled to share our Art throughout this year. Busy Art Month March has turned out to beeeeee! xoxo

  13. Love your fearless use if different media and fantastic enthusiasm creating artwork with it! Sorry I'm always lagging in my visits but love the inspiration you freely share each time I pop in ;)

  14. THANK YOU!!!! I am so soo (sometimes) stupid, actually a lot of the time LOL, but I had an old email address on my google account, when you said to clear my mailbox I investigated, yep should be a detective LOL! You are so sweet & thank you for the mail bounced back at you, I feel so bad, Mina & Oma wrote & told me they had mail bounced back, and i didn't put it all together until your comment! Thank You! Have a brilliant weekend x


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