Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's Up ? Puddleducks???

Ive been frozen, snowed on and thawed out!  How has your New Moon Year 2014 started out?
As mentioned In previous chit-chat,  you may find old Prudence on the opinionated side this year.
( all opinions are mine, please, take no offence)

Like many countries on this doomed planet, my country is going to Hell !  Our scentist's are being muzzled and political blunders are being paid for by the ever increasing dwindling work force, OR as I call it, the working POoR!  For ( who ever you believe in!) Sake,  VOTE People! And if that fails, Civil Disobiedience is an option!  

Now then.........

This year I have committed...lol ... To " The Artful Readers Book Club" on FB.  I have struggled with a reading list and have prepared a special notebook ( love notebooks!)  for the art to illustrate the essence of the story. ( try to anyway!). Previously, I posted my first read, without Art, but knitting I have done which was the reason for "The Friday Night Knit Club" trilogy.  January's review/Art will appear in the " Studio" part of this blog the last Friday of each month. ( For those who are interested) 

My next adventure is from "the Trodden Path" ( link to your right). T.A.P. Project is a travelling canvas
where participating artist's and me , will add to this piece and mail it off each month!  Meantime I will be practicing my limited art skills as not to muck it up and be virtually scolled!  The canvas has begun its travels and I will have it October 2014! 

I'm where it is blue and cold!  Northern Canada!  

Creative tipster.....Gina!  http://www.daydreambeliever.blogspot.com ( link in blog list) 
suggested making your own Gelli Plate!   So with the direction of " the frugal crafter" on YouTube
I did!

Next time...use a wooden spoon...( metal caused bubbles) and if you. Love this! Buy one!

Yes I loved it!  I wore it down as well!  For clean up , spritz , water/ baby shampoo , gently wipe
I used watercolour paper ( shape of tags! ) to pull up the colour!  Like jello, the warmth will melt it
after, several, furious attacks!  
I'm storing mine in the fridge, hoping no midnight snackers!  eat it!

Last year ( Dec 2013) I won a giveaway from Purl Avenue!  ( button link displayed)  two beautiful skeins of Prima Cotton....since I've been confused on what to do! What to do!  
I wanted to honor Linda's lovely shop and generousity ( free patterns and tutorials) 

After the thaw!  It hit me!   I loved the fisherman's rib stitch ( gifted my sister a cowl for her b'day! In that stitch) 

Being undisiplined and Puddleduck headed, I am making my own pattern with the lovely stitch 
( forgiving stitch) taught to me by Purl Avenue ( Linda).  Sage green and Red Brick...colours!

The freezing temperatures caused my sister to wear her fingerless gloves from long ago!
( made by ME!)  I was filled with pride and success!  So I've made her another pair to match the 
Cowl!    ( surprise!) 

*************                   **********************************************************             ************

Have you ever recieved a crafted gift and were in awe! Of the skill and imagination of it?

It must have been 7 years ago, before my first grandson was born, my daughter, Amy, gave 
me  this amazing, unique, detailed, ( I called) an organizer.

I was working as an interior design consultant in a home decor shop at the time, 
this went to work with me everyday!  It had my initial on the cover, and places for all the info I needed at my fingertips for my job!
I have kept it safe during my gypsy life and admire it often.   The time, artistic detail and organization skills In making this for me ,  reveals the true Artist in this family!

I am sharing this, because NOW.....they call this.....Filofax!

In closing.....( wind bag! Shut in, procrastinator) I'd love to Welcome!
Ash-Lynn and Linda ( Purl Avenue)   I am very grateful to all you wonderful 
Creative hearts who inspire me more than you know!  

That  brings me to " Pay It Forward!" 2014. ( inspired by Gina of course)

Those who visit me after reading THIs post ONLY **** will receive a crafted
Gift, sometime this year, from me...Prudence Puddleduck.  

Thank you for visiting and Bee Kind!  Bee Safe!  and Beeeee Heard! 


  1. The travelling canvas sounds wonderful and what a great idea, lots to look forward to. You are the knitting queen!! Lovely makes - I can knit a bit but I get bored because it takes so long! (no patience). Love your daughter's organiser, such a perfect gift. Speak soon my friend xx

  2. Funny Island Gal! Oh Yes! Me, Queen Of Patience....purely therapeutic !
    My organizer/ Filofax, is a treasure, I think I will add to with my virtual friends gifts!
    You and Deborah are topping the "Pay It Forward List ! I hope for more!

  3. Some start their year with a bang and you are pure fireworks! Wow!!!

    Opinions are great to share and discuss. It makes life interesting and pushes the brain to do what it was created to do: think.

    You are reading The Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts? WoooHooo! It is one of my favorite trilogies and I'm rereading it this year, too. We can giggle about it together. ;-)

    Let the wildness begin!

  4. Barely a spark! Being mature! lollol.........
    You probably suggested most of my reading list...I have a pencil ready when I visit your blog!
    I am so happy you have joined my 2014 Pay It Forward List....now PM me and don't forget the info I need! Huge Hug! xo

  5. Great reading list!!! Thank you so much for the welcome, you inspire me to my dear; you make me want to get my crafty on :)


  6. Thank you so much for visiting! I'm a craft Staker! (ask anyone!G") inspired by each and everyone of you! xo
    Pls....send me your addy, you are officially on my 2014 Pay it Forward! list****** xoxoxo

  7. I've been emailed that my SISTER tried to leave me a message...so I will but her on my list and then teach her howe to leave a message! lol
    Thank you SIS! xoxoxoxo

  8. hello, debi! how have you been? nice to read your blog again. i've been away from the internet for a while now. i miss the whole art community and blogs. The gelli plate looks wonderful! i'm going to have to try creating one myself. lovely filo fax! hand made gifts are so special and sweet. look forward to reading your adventures this year :] love from california, ashley :]

  9. I did my 29 Faces challenge in the journal you made and I won! You have been missed , I'm so happy you are back! Congratulations on your new edition! Your little guy will love being a big brother! Take care of you! xoDebi

    1. really! awesome! i'm glad you enjoy the journal i made you :D and congrats! do you have pictures of your 29 faces?

  10. Civil disobedience!? What ARE you on about Missy!? :P Oh you crack me up, any political ranting send my way?! Oh oh yes I've been caught up in the beauty of crafty givings and goods many a time. Yours in particular I must say!

  11. My dear magical lass! Flash back to my youth! Now I'm an arm chair cranky bit....ch!
    Enjoy our wolf Moon and if you move? Tell me! You are on my Pay It Forward List! ( that's a good thing! ) xoxoxoDebi

  12. I miss the days I had all the time in the world to create things for you. One day I am hoping to dust off my craft supplies and create again soon. I am running low on my to read list so I may follow up on so e of your titles. Xo Amy

  13. Soon enough you will have extra time to creat again, but for now your greatest creation is my grandson! I will craft something special for you, thank you for being on my Pay It Forward list 2014!
    I treasure the cards you have made for me and my organizer! I am adding more sections to it !
    Thank you ! Xo Mom

  14. Debi, you are too kind! Thank you so much for the mention and I'm so glad you enjoy your giveaway prize! "Pay It Forward" giveaway? Very exciting! :)

  15. You Pay It Forward everyday kind heart! Purl Avenue is brilliant and is a must visit! For me I must be satisfied with merely online....
    Thank you for visiting me and Please! keep being You! xo

  16. Thanks for coming over to my blog! I just joined yours. I look forward to seeing what you do with your reading and art! You too are so inspiring!

  17. Welcome John'aLee! I'm looking forward to the ARC every month! I am loving the fantastic books I have chosen,, nervous about the Art though!
    Pay It Forward! list for 2014 welcome's you as well! xoDebi

  18. Love the Gelli Plate...on my list of things to try.
    Cheers and let's survive this hell of a winter!

    1. Hello Norma! So nice to have you visit ! As a librarian you will happy to see all the reading going on! Our gently used bookshop gals and I are well acquainted!
      Love my Gelli Plate! these temps. lately are extending its life! And Mine! xo

  19. Wowza you have been a busy Puddleduck!

    Looking forward to seeing more of the T.A.P project, although if it gets to you Oct 2014 I'll have to be patient. :-)

    Now, I'm intrigued by the picture on your sidebar for the Vampires Day Soiree. I'm going to find out more!


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