Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Explore ? Look Out 2013

How nice to be back to Me Time!  As the intro may reveal I plan to explore unfamiliar destinations this coming year.  I have searched, followed, participated and cheered on so very many "Abilities" last year that it has come time to share the scrambled mind of this duck.
Finally all the celebration bobbles and sparkles are tucked away, now where was I???
My Son gave me this for Christmas....hmmmm oh, memories of my youth. Okay..focus.... I have mentioned maybe once or twice that procrastination is a favorite past time here on Puddleduck Grange. But starting this year I WILL FOCUS AND FINISH WHAT I START !!!

My puddleducks just love Nana's socks even though they are far from perfect! It gives me such joy when they are the first things on their feet when they arrive. x0 Ever since dear♥ Faye www.cartwheelsandbubbles.blogspot.com  gifted me Mollie Makers magazine last May. I have subscribed for 6 months. I have tried and the key word is tried to make just some of the amazing creations featured each month...I am also behind in reading comprehension...so yet another lesson in finishing what I start. Speaking of try and try... www.twinklestutorialsandtwirls.blogspot.com  creative♥ Estelle,  surprised me with a lovely cross-stitch project. My sister is the needlepoint wizard but to remain FOCUSED and EXPLORE new challenges I will succeed and conquer :) But until then if your looking for a fun challenge, pop over to visit Estelle, she has a wonderful tutorial on making a lace braided braclet! I have a tendency to get caught up in many challenges and never really know when to say NO! But to EXPLORE me this year will be YES to my challenges and FOCUS till completion. (rawrawraw! sounds super lololol)
Previously I posted about my ancestory and the huge research gift my clever sister did for me. This whole endevour resulted after my version of our grandmothers and how we resemble them.
Nana Gracie....Welsh Lass
Grandma Alice...American Regal Lady Herstory has proven which of us is which. Soooooo I believe to forge ahead I must choose the strengths and lessons from the past. As much as I dislike looking at ME, its time. Stress sweat or not, I have taken all my blogfriends comments, my sisters wise indirect directions and that tiny whisper I can barely hear ...to heart! 2013 is Explore! Focus! and Finish! ME♥
Etsy Shop...Rabbit Hole Art creation.


  1. Yay! Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic and creative 2013! Wish you all the luck and love in the world! You will do great with the cross stitch I'm sure.

    Big hugs, Estelle xx

  2. I think that "procrastination" is the real pain of my life, I very rarely finish anything I start. I sat down with the sewing machine yesterday and after 15 minutes I was bored!!! I wonder if there is a cure?? x

  3. I love excited, positive ramblings like these....the catalyst for impressive transformations they are :)

  4. Oh love your knitted creations for your little puddleducks! Precious! And your acquisition from Rabbit Hole Art. Isn't Melanie lovely?

  5. Those are great goals for 2013! You CAN do it!
    I love the socks and finger less mitts, way to go! I also get a great feeling when I see my little ones wear warm handmade woolies.


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