Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scatter Merry Christmas Joy ♥

Roller coaster of "Emotions",   it is an internal workout this time of year.  Sewing machine is clipping along, glitter is flying everywhere, knitting needles magically working correctly, oh my,  where is this, where is that, the constant question ringing out daily.  What better way to wrap up yet another challenging year.

Little sister to my rescue*** once again....."smile grumpy duck.....remember when WE                                                                                      were whimsical ?!"

"Mischievous grins,   devilish...."No I didnt peek!"
"When;   for a very brief moment  (prudence puddleduck) were taller than me....lololol"
"You love handmade "...( says little sister Charlotte)   "well here you go...WHO WHO WHO
likes handmade NOW!!!!!!"
Oh my sister is clever and funny.....yes Charolette believes in balance as well.

What would I ever do without my little sister...

  Puddleducks will decorate the Christmas Tree this year.  Yes,  I am letting go of my "watch, dont touch" decorating technique.  Inherited I might add.

Great job my helpful puddleducks!    Aunti has had one of her "Feelings" and knew that treats were required this busy the work has come to a screeeeeeching halt.

I will start to hang my handmade cards from?.....well.....lets see!  You guest it...Penny !   


All work and NO play, makes any puddleduck cranky....  Off to roll in the snow and spread reindeer food .....................

Hot chocolate & with extra marshmallows please .....Nana Puddleduck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quietly,   I sneak off  to give thanks, gratitude and prayers.  I miss my family that is not near,  wishing them health and joy,  humbly grateful for all my blessings, and pray for many more glorious memories.

Speaking of memories.....dont you just love the vintage disco ball decorations....oh my...
........ what memories...

I am still waiting on one more Doll Dreams Ornament from the previous swap I mentioned.  I couldnt wait to share the ones I have recieved from North Carolina and Iowa......but more about that when the final one arrives.

One Last Comment.....for 2012....from Prudence Puddleduck.....

Hold on tight....... to what is truly real in our hearts   this Spiritual Season,   I pray, our civilization has been slapped out of the daze of mediocre existence.  My celebration will hold back the tears of sadness and my celebrations prayers will be for all families suffering .



  1. Hope you have a fantastic christmas xxx

  2. Such cute kiddos!!! You have such a beautiful attitude and spirit Debi! Merry Christmas to your lovely family.

  3. Love the Owl and the Penguin stuffies. May Peace and Joy be yours this Christmas and always.

  4. Gorgeous post Debi, love the decorations and the puddleducks look like they are having so much fun!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and an inspiring New Year!

    Many hugs, Estelle and her mischievous elves!

  5. Peace on Earth Good Will to all Women Huge Hugs to you all.

    Blessings and Health for the New Year ahead...♥Debi

  6. Dear Debi, I love the stuffed toys in your pictures. Your images brought a smile to my face. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year and wishing you much love, peace, creativity and joy!! xoxo


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