Friday, September 7, 2012

Treasured RAK♥

RAK  random act of kindness....oh what a concept for some, treasured moments for others.  One of the creative communities I am blessed to be apart of "Doll Dreams" www.dolldreams.ning never rests from stirring the creative tingels of its members.   I would love to share something that wasnt organized and completely amazing to me.....( bitter duck syndrome)  

I was very fortunate to recieve this hand made bookmark and delightful card just for NOTHING! No Reason  Just Because............RAK

Thank you Jeanne,  both gifts are in in my new fav book..."Leonardo's Swan's..Karen Essex"     and on my icebox....always bringing a smile to me.

 Spontanous Kindness is the very best medicine for ones soul  ( in my modest opinion)  I was in the grocery line the other day and as usual the cashier rung up    blah,blah,blah...and 1cent.....(what will they do when they retire the penny?)    so more paper money sorry, change has mysteriously disappeared from my purse.............But Wait!   the complete stranger behind me ,  IT Was A Women,
quickly offered the cashier a penny and smiled gently...."so you dont get a fist full of change back"
Oh Thank YOU! with what little breath I could mustard up from my shock and surprise......thank you so very much!

Kindness Trumps Bitterness Everytime and chases those sad sack blues AWAY!

Please go to the top of page a click on Puddleduck Grange Studio if you have a minute.  I am not computer fancy like all of you, my learning stopped on New Years 1999.  Anyway, I do try  off and on,  but I dont have that much time to waste these days, so simple it is................

I have 3 headings on the page....Swapping Mania,  Knitting/Crochet How Not to Do It., and ♥DollDreams♥     I change tales from time to time and add my modest art   but love to show you all the gorgeous art I recieve from so many talented artist all over this planet.  I hope you take a peek.

Have to run............hobbit hopping..pack,pack,pack.



  1. what a sweet RAK for jeanne! aww thanks for adding me on your swapping mania page!:D i am so happy you like my gothic cardboard girl.let's see if i can get the make me happy swap going again!lol! .i agree spontaneous kindness is the best medicine.i hope you are well my dear friend. i'll visit again soon! take care! ~ashley

  2. Dear Debi, Thank you for visiting me and for the lovely message that you left on my blog. What a lovely gift you received, and how nice that a stranger offered you a penny! Its so heartwarming and really lifts my spirits to read about these beautiful acts of kindness. Have a lovely week Debi!! xoxox

  3. Dearest Debi,

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, especially when school was starting again. You're too kind! It meant a lot even though I did not reply at the time. But I'm back now, and I'm so happy to be. If you ever want to do a swap let me know! I must put a section on my blog of pieces that are available to swap!


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