Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage Dreaming

Another summer in Canada has come and still hanging in.  Record temperatures for a country used to definite seasons .  I believe that is changing as the definite seasons have declined from 4 to 2 in this ducks lifetime.   I am wondering if it is "change" that has me dreaming of simplier times?  Not easier times as simplier to me....reminds me of more problem solving on a daily basis.  I thrive on problem solving I believe there is always a solution. 

Happily I have noticed that several like minded bloggers are doing the same thing.  With our challenging economic times the clever ducks visit the past for tried and true solutions.  In countries not as fortunate as Canada, the wave of restraint and frugal living is embraced with class.  Yes we are experiencing inflated living ( this is not a political forum so I will not venture there) here in Canada and I am pleased that I can still remember how to economise.

It isnt a coincidence that the number of Vintage Book Shops and Vintage Clothing and ReUse Centres are enjoying increased popularity.  A cyber♥ recently was dismayed that she could not find the variety of books in her favorite book box store she once did.  There are still many who still enjoy holding a book and revisiting it on their bookshelf from time to time.  I understuded  her position and mentioned I now visit Vintage Book Shops and usually very pleased with the selection. 

After many years of less than quality products, the disposable factor on almost everything is showing up for another go around as "Vintage"   I have always been intriged by these shops so I have my absolute favorites.

Clothes Encounters on Oak St. in North Bay is one such "Vintage" favorites.   Lynne takes painstaking pride in every detail of her shop.  Always welcoming, sincerely happy to have you visit and revisits the last conversation asking for updates.   I am overwhelmed by this creative soul.  Lynne remembered the 50 Button Swap and each time asks if she can help in any upcoming swaps! 
One day, Lynne disappeared into the back and came out with a very sparkly jewel that once was a glamorous earring of that era ( but in Vogue once again!)  "Would I have use for this"  and gave it to me with a warming smile.   I am not creatively quick on my feet like Lynne is but thrilled for this gift just the same.   

HMMMMMMMMM  what to do, what to do......

Trying to knit like the talented ladies I visit and admire  I am always looking for shiney trinkets to take the eye away from the lack of knitting skill.  So making a brooch from the (top centre)   bright red glam earring was perfect for my not so perfect bucket hat I adore.   From the gift I recieved from Lynne, the square rhinestone glam earring  (left..big square one)    is now a shawl pin  (and we all know how much they cost)  So my light bulb idea was to turn glam jewels into brooches.

I am a fan of the September Issue of Vogue...yes I own the movie...why?  I admire Anne Wintour and Grace Coddington.  This issue has 2 Vintage Covers that would be great to frame and in amongst the vast aray of "fashion" ( I believe is revisited) are Vintage  articles and photo's for those of us who will remember.  My most delightful part of this issue is the article called "Pin it On"  the latest fashion fascination...the bold brooch...Oh you dont say....

With the coming calendar flip,  many duties and changes are on the horizon.  Firstly,  my dear sister is busy making ready her summer retreat   winter ready.  

They are natures friends and always make sure their friendly summer birds and other wildlife have alittle extra for the coming winter.   Anew paint job for their homes....and bags of seed.

I will be moving my nest, as well.  not to faraway,  but just the same it is a chore now,   when once it was an adventure.  I "Vintage Dream" of having a gypsy wagon just like the one I purchased from Vanessa Valencia  and Etsy...A Fanciful Twist

That would be an adventure!  I would only dream to enjoy.♥

Before I run out of focus, I would like to mention a generous giveaway www.twinkles,   is holding.  Estelle is a busy, energetic mom of  3 and one due very soon.  I admire her joy for each day and the enthusiasim she sends out in each of her tutorials.    Celebrating 169 posts, 169 followers  (and new baby!)...Congratulations Estelle!

Well the rug cleaner should be dried by now, have to run.............BEE SAFE!   ♥


  1. You have some lovely "gifts" there, its amazing how you can make almost anything into a brooch! You must be getting excited about your move, physically and mentally. New beginnings, new adventures. I hope you blog about your move!! xx

  2. I do love Vintage too! Gorgeous gems you have there - what a fab idea to turn them into brooches!

    Thanks for mentioning my giveaway and for your lovely, kind words!

    Take care and hugs, Estelle xx

  3. Those pieces, I bet, will make perfect brooches! what better way to showcase their beauty and enhance your lovely knitted wares?!

    I love shops like you mention....LOVE them! Wish there were more around here. So many great things to find and new ideas to stimulate the creative process ;)

    I'll go check out Estelle's blog now!
    Thanks :D

  4. Yes its great that there is now an increased interest in Vintage wares and recycling etc. I am planning to trim my book collection and hope my books can find new homes. What a lovely collection of brooches you have! They would look lovely combined with a hand knitted creation. Good luck with your move. Take care and have a lovely week!

  5. Loved your blog and the topic, and looooove the gypsy wagon you purchased. Good luck with moving your "nest", hope it all goes well. xo Christina


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