Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice with Cyber♥s

If I could only pick lottery numbers like I have chosen fabulous bloggers.  I have enjoyed visiting most of the nominated blogs from the lovely group I have chosen.  "Versatile "barely describes. 

From brand new baby alpaca's ( I know there is a proper name ? its hot out) to art by the master's and a great poem by Yeats  with several more creative sites for me to dream about.  Time well spent.

Thank you again to Faye, who honored me(Versatile Blogger)  as well as sent me twirling    with must,must,must do's,  suggestions in the magazine  I was gifted .   "Mollie Makers".       Now that my fingertips have healed slightly from hand sewing, I will share just one of the items of interest.

This tiny stuffed delight is "Penelope"  Barely 6"inches tall ( sorry no metric here) she has neat white eyelet undies to start with.  Embroidered Royal Blue nose and eyes.

Country Heart cotton shift,   for now....but there will be a tiny sweater coat on the way! ( I was in a hurry to blog this but the hem is now complete!)  I made tons of mistakes, but next time the cursing will be lessened as well as the sewing errors....I hope :)))

Where is she you ask?   Spectacles Cranes is a wizard woodworker and this is a small closet with lock and key!....inside as you see , has a mirror, wallpaper and trim.....(designed by yours truly)

Yes the shamrocks are in full bloom!   I recieved a blogger award and then I won, YES, won!!!  (that never,never,never happens)  some original art and artists cards from a very promising and talented, young artist...Suzanna Millus. Please visit her at  I was drawn to her own style of bohemian/burlesque/retro images and thought provoking verse.

this is a sample of her work......

Wini at takes some unbelievable photos of her country, Australia. 
As well as a designer/artist/instructor her amazing skill of capturing beauty caught Mr. Crane's eye as he was leaning over my shoulder one day.  Her picture of these boats gently floating on this mirror of ocean made my eyes pop.

Yes....this is in real special effects...just nature at its most fabulousnessssss..............Well, Mr. Crane just had to capture this in his new art journal!

I know who the real artist is in this hobbit, but I enjoy myself just the same.......Nicely done♥xo

Domestic Diva Designer Cake,  spicey and sweet, ala mode,   do what you know "Miss Prudence"!

Well fiddle ley dee...........I am begining to perspire.....  thank you for visiting and drop by again♥


  1. Dear Debi, what a wonderful post! Thank you so much for the lovely feature. It is really kind and sweet of you!! And thanks for including my picture of the boats. Mr Cranes watercolour looks fantastic!! I am really impressed that he has captured the scene so perfectly!!! I hope you have a lovely day enjoying that mouthwatering cake and ice cream. Yummy!! Wini xox

  2. What an interesting blog entry today. I'm really drawn to the verse in artist Suzanna's piece. Mr. Crane is talented too!
    And you remind me that I can do handstitching to create...I dislike sewing machines. Cute mice. Have fun.

  3. Hi Lovely...

    Awwwww how much cuteness is in your little mouse, i dont get along well with sewing, but do dabble from time to time, but so sweet..
    Fantastic artist, Mr Cranes work is great..
    OH an yummmmmmm enjoy that scrummy cake of yours

    Have a good weekend.

    Snuggles Angel xx

  4. Gorgeous mouse Debi, love the outfit :)

    Congrats on your win too - you must be so happy!

    Have a fab weekend.

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  5. Oh cutey cute cute mouse! And you too are the real artist Mademoiselle! You and Mr. Crane in your lovely artsy filled home!

  6. Hi Debi, just stopping by to say Hello. I hope you are enjoying Summer. Thank you for the lovely message that you left on my blog about my artwork. And its nice to hear that you are also a fan of Loreena McKennit!! Just also wondering if you have seen the Snow White movie with Charlize Theron? If not, you should go. I thought it was fantastic.


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