Friday, June 1, 2012

MAZE 2012

Last we blogged, I was in dillierium over an up coming milestone bday.  Well like everything in life that is uncharted, it was alittle ruff going in.............but intrue Gemini style.....fiddle le dee.....danced right on through and havent stopped dancing since!

Spectacles Crane knew that fantasy and whimsy always makes me smile, so off to a Tim Burton movie we gooooo....Dark,love,loved it....(Michelle Pfieffer looks great) and as always, Johnny doesnt disappoint.

Visiting all of you on your wonderful blog worlds is always time well spent.  (list on your right) Vanessa was showing some new "french" inspired art and of course
recipes, only the "Julia" could make. I was taken with the french creme pie...looked simple enough?

5 egg yokes!  whipped.....I get bored easily (gemini) but whipped I did.  I amazed myself, turned out
to applause all around....will I do it again......hmmmmmmm NO    (ha,ha,ha,ha,ah,ha,)

What began as a quiet celebration with my loveable Spectacles Crane, quickly turned ( just like my life lololol)..........Knock,Knock,Knock................

Puddleduck SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!   Lets Celebrate ...............♥♥♥♥♥♥ In a flurry, we put together
a fun filled day........

From vintage merry-go-rounds, making wishes and tossing pennies in the lake to riding the tiny train (I dont have pic's of that as I was on IT!!!!!!)    What a day of JOY!  Heart filled to the BRIM♥

So the next time I start WAY to much thinking, fretting, and booooo whooooooing about ME!!!!! 

  I will remember daily,   this very special day that the UNIVERSE sent to me♥

Oh!!!! dont think that was the end of this wacky Month....Oh know...............but I will just say that my little sister, Charlette, has filled up my imagination with  family tree  mayhem!!!!! 
 and if that isnt making my blood pressure soar....she is off to the Arctic...Yes!...the Canadian Arctic..

After I get caught up with my Domestic Diva Duties,   I will return with  More  Puddleduck  Antics !

Till next time.........Cyber Hugs♥♥♥♥


  1. Love your Barnabas! And those cakes!!! Yummm!

  2. How nice to see you visit!!!! Your dazzeling art and daily challenges have kept you hopping...Ive been watching (Black Pumpkin)
    "Barnabas" was one of Spectacle Cranes art journal drawings, his journal is full and I am envious........Huge Cyber Hugs♥Debi

  3. Fabulous piece by Spectacles Crane!! I loved Dark Shadows, well the first half anyway. I wanted the witch to win to be honest. Having a lovely time I see. Every year we have to celebrate you is to be cherished :) Don't forget that.

  4. what a lovely cake! Glad you had a good day!

  5. Hi Debi, Thank you for visiting me and for all the lovely messages. I am so happy to hear that you have danced thru your milestone!!! Yay!!! I love Spectacle Cranes picture of Barnabas and its such a good likeness!! I enjoyed the movie but was a little disappointed in some ways. I was expecting more. I will email you a photo of me at the cinema. I love the cake and am happy to hear you had a fun filled day!!! xo

  6. Cant wait for the photo Wini!!! We (me & Mr. Crane) just love your pic's with the fishing is sooooo out of this world beautiful....always happy to have you pop by....♥Debi


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