Friday, March 9, 2012

Petulance of March.......continues ~♥~

I am pleased with rain.  I love my rubber boots and my colourful
collection of umbrella's.  (puddleduck....) Washing all that nasty
grey away, never been keen on that colour. 

Days are brighter, the sun is building strength.  With all good things we must have balance with not sooooo good things...

This is "To Do" list time.  I will start with the fun stuff as procrastination and shirking responsiblity leap out first. 

Playing in dirt, transplanting my baby evergreen trees #1.  Apartment living is about inventing the space you would like to live in.  I love fantasy thinking.

Loud music and a dust rag will shine my little hobbit up in no time. #2

Inventory of the baking cabinet...hmmmm.   Nasty fridge dwellers,  fiddle le de.........scrub, wipe, voila!!!  #3

A short ride on the Bissel, rock my super Pink floor mop and hurray #4, done, diddly, done.

The sun is gaining strength and so am I....but tiny creative corner. (shirking, shirking) I notice my lovely Doll Dreams calender and the glowing circles of things to look forward too.

Music UP  bottom DOWN.........Oh my..a 50 Button Swap is coming up.  You all may have noticed
a new attractive button to your right.."Nice Blog"  well cyber♥ let me in
on this fun place to visit.  I would rather have fun than housework so deadline panic sets in.
Another glowing circle ....what else have I said  "Yes"  to...oh yes!    Doll Dream cardboard swap. 
That will be continued fun.  As you may remember the "Tag Swap"  I blogged about,  well my snailbox hasnt collected dust for quite sometime.   Seven new original tag art will soon find a   home in  a  "Cardboard Project" recently completed.  

You maybe wondering....what is that "Puddleduck Grange Studio" business all about???  Well in true petulance and scattered confusion, I am searching for cause and direction.  The inspiration is fluttering
about...coming from the UK to Australia.  I am taking it all in and hopefully with hours of meditation (procrastination)  , the light bulb moment will flicker... in these economic times  which mimic the past louder than most will listen to...      .I believe my cause and direction will appear.       So fingers crossed..coming soon!

Every now and then, I visit the other side ( I am Gemini after all) .  When I am not being Donna Reid , Martha Stewart or Frieda Kahlo,  I am drawn to the tragedies of this world.   There are so many and increasing , which in itself   should  set some light bulbs off....  calm, calm,calm hmmmmmmm

If you dont already know or havent seen news from the real world,  I would like to share this with you.

Please visit  and view the video that as of yesterday...40 million people have seen, thanks to  a Facebook movement...yes there are some good things about technology....
My dear ♥heart....Melissa  from Australia....sent it to me and hers.....and in return...............and so on and so on.................Please be aware at the very least.

Well the laundry wont do itself and it is grocery day.  And in the words of lovely♥ women   "Get your crayons out...I want to see how those art classes are coming along"

Spring ahead.....cyber♥s            


  1. I see you started the dreaded spring cleaning? Loud music always helps the dusting :) I like the cardboard project "lady", lovely eyes (or should I say "eye") I havent done any art for a while but the problem is I have to be in the mood, sometimes the majic just flows and other times I sit and stare, I to am a dreamer, and an Aquarian, so dreaming is my speciality!

  2. During one of my laps around cyber blog visits, I spied a beautiful
    illustration done by..hmmmmm YOU! "The Secret Hermit" art swap, I spotted your work right away....then I read your name.
    Aquarian's are unique being's I enjoy their tilt on the world, thank you for visiting is always pleasure ♥Debi

  3. 56 million people have taken part in the experiment that is KONY 2012. This has highlighted just how powerful technology can be when people decide to unite... we are now in autumn here, and I still haven't put up the curtains I've been meaning to. Maybe if 56 million people nag me I'd be inclined to do it! ;) ♥♥♥

  4. Lets keep NAGGING!!! Kony 2012. You keep your windows open! this world needs more ALERT ♥s. Thank you for dropping by Miss Meli, now get back to educating those tiny ducks! ♥Debi

  5. Tee hee you ARE a puddleduck indeed! Hope the weather is looking beautiful in your parts. I agree about this Kony fellow! He needs to be stopped! Hope you have a beautiful week ahead!

  6. Dear Debi, You have such a cute and quirky style of writing. You make spring cleaning sound so fun and magical! I hope you get everything done. And yes I also hope that Kony gets arrested and jailed!! Wini xo

  7. Thank you cyber♥s for visiting, I love hearing from you all ~♥~Debi


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