Monday, March 26, 2012

Bye! Bye! Crazy March Hare

This was a crazy long month here in northern Canada.  Balancing the balance was more challenging than usual, but thankfully the stars are on my side.  I never understood that being born in "the year of the dragon" meant "waterdragon"   (soapstone carving by Spectacles Crane just for ME!)    I am not a fan of water, early childhood trama seen to that, but it also means letting life wash over you.  Oh that's more like it. 

Warmer temperatures encouraged me to stock up on luck, this lovely bunch of "Shamrocks" flower for me and hold their heads high each day.  This ones for 

Cyber♥ recently discovered the adventure of vintage shopping.  We both are involved in a fun 50 Button Swap at "Nice Blog" and finding 50 unique buttons isnt as simple as you may think. Pen (rosalily) found a magnificent mason jar filled to the brim, so this sent me to my favorite vintage shop just down the way....

Clothes Encounters (North Bay Ontario) is a classic, elegant, vintage experience.   Lynn is an artist who's creative spirit fills her shop and she is always willing to engage in whimsical conversations.  I love her repurposed stelleto heels lamps, and most recently bikini inspired headboards...what fun this fabulous lady is.

During one of our chats, I had mentioned the 50 Button Swap.  Immediately, Lynn reached for her
secret box of special trinkets and instructed to me to choose.  "Help yourself!"   Intrigued by this ,Lynn now wishes to be informed on the Swap.  (details please)   I love to have any reason to visit her shop.

So rumaging through my sewing box, purchasing some, and the donated buttons from down the road, I was feeling very confident that my partner in this swap might be pleased with my 50 Button selection.

But how could I present them to her,  they have become very special to me.  Each has been chosen!
I know......Thanks to Ady Almanza recent lessons on "The Cardboard Project" urban art,  I will create my packaging from this technique....light blubs are   ON!

Cardboard, acrylics, heart shaped "brads", beads, twine, washi tape, inspirational quote from cyber♥Wini , "Doll Dreams Inspiration" and  50 Special

Now fold UP the front so  Faye  at   can use it as pouch or holder in her creative corner.....    SPLASH  the gold model paint for sshhinnne!

And Off to England we goooooooo!  I hope Faye has enjoyed this Swap as much as I have.

Spring time is all about new beginnings and hope.  This year is very unique, being a leap year, year of the dragon, and sun / moon eclipse in May, May is a huge milestone for this duck. 

I say " thank you!  for getting my blood pressure out of the basement March Hare!" and  with a Cheshire Cat      GRIN.......

Here's to "Art, Heart & Healing" (Willowing.ning)  and Huge Puddleduck Hugs! ~♥~



  1. The Button swap seems to be very popular and mine are packed up and ready to go tomorrow :) I see you are a Dragon, im a Goat (or Sheep some people may call us). I was also born between 2 dates in Jan and Feb that make me a different animal than my birth year says. My birth year is Monkey, my birth date makes me a Goat. I have all the characteristics of a Goat with a bit of Monkey thrown in! I am never easy! Your local shop looks so inviting. I am blessed with many antique and charity shops only minutes from my house, so there is always a bargin :) x

  2. Awww thanks for the shamrock flower! You're far too sweet! You don't happen to live in or near North Bay do you? If so that's brilliant, I live in Sudbury! Haven't we just had the craziest weather lately? Such lovely, lovely packages you've been sending out. A button swap, what an idea!

  3. Oh, I LOVE unique buttons. I have a jar from my mom. Someone took the time to put all the matching buttons on connecting strings. And most of the buttons were salvaged from old clothes...(even the plain plastic kind). A button swap is a great idea.
    I also LOVE the "Clothes Encounters of a Second Kind" shop. You remind me that I need to have an artist date by giving myself time to browse Lynn's shop. Isn't she just so creative?

  4. Wow they all look amazing! I can't wait for them to arrive thank you so much - your presentation has put mine to shame! What a wonderful idea :) xx

    1. I thought you might enjoy some Doll Dreams along with magic Buttons.........I am so very happy to have met you Faye! Please stay intouch...and visit any time ♥Debi

  5. Love your blog Debi. You seem to have lots of fun with your button swap project. Oh, and the shop looked amazing, what a place!!!Keep up your creativity, here comes april and spring.. hugs from a fire fire horse. xo Christina


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