Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Universe Answers ♥

It is well known by all,  that this simple duck is suffering from "an empty nest" and I have been up rooted and transplanted faraway from all that is comfortable and familiar.  The every knowing forces have guided me to many blessings and kindred souls who have filled my ♥ with renewed warmth and purpose.
(you are listed to the right :)

Once again, there is to be NO IDLE time.  After finishing an amazing 7 tag swap challenge for the sweetest  group of creative♥s  at Doll Dreams,  I am sadden that I completed.   Photo shoot, addressed to 7 different corners of this world and head over to snail office.  Woowwwow, I didnt realize I had 7 ideas hidden away just waiting to be created...

I have 2 ATCs for Willowing, and Jane Davenports art classes, but otherwise the pressure is off.  Time to visit my cyber♥s......Their blogging worlds are magickal to me. 

Speaking of "magickal" the illuminating Jenn over at www.broomsticksandlace.blogspot.com is having a very generous giveaway!  Please pop over and enjoy this exceptional young womens imaginary world.  More warm tingles♥ when young people inspire.

Remember I mentioned the sweetest group of creative ♥s at Doll Dreams, it seems that our grand Dollie, Ady, will not allow our markers to cool.  She is offering a donation class in painting on cardboard!  No rest for this slightly wicked duck.....If you like colour and whimsy...join us!

Spectacales Crane gets curious when I stop pouting and escape to a place that cheers me up enough to start baking!  "Can I see what you are doing?"  "I want to join in"!

Spectacles Crane is an accomplished artist and trades master, and loves to participate in all my "BRAND NEW ART CLASSES"!  I enjoy being able to tell him something he doesnt all ready know  :)

We do enjoy our weekends,  and Spectacles Crane enjoys the baking after I learn a new art class..

The mornings are brighter and the skies are a brillant blue!  Hurray, Spring is on the way.  For a brief moment this morning I found myself dropping down to that sad place again...missing my puddleducks, remembering all our Spring Time adventures, the upcoming birthday celebrations, graduating classes, two wheels instead of 4....so I logged on to my cyber♥s to distract the memories.....and "The Universe Answers" 

Norma... www.mistyhavenalpacas.blogspot.com    has included me in a blog something or other...there are rules so that confused me, then I saw that  I was included in the 11 interesting people, and asking them the following questions......Oh My......

Okay, wakey,wakey, no dumb duck answers ...

what is the best gift youve ever recieved? Sonny Crow, gave his mom a car! Any puddleduck gift, they always turn on my taps....
who do you want to be like when you grow up? hmmmmmm grow up???
what is your favorite mode of transportation? my car that was gifted to me.
how many animals do you share your life with currently? Two legged or Four?
If you were given an extra hour today, when the rest of the world stopped, what would you do in that hour? phone all my puddleducks(big and small) and tell them yet AGAIN, how much they mean to me..
tell me something that someone said to you lately that made you feel good? that I was on her 11 most interesting people list...!
does your living space reflect who you are?  you reap what you sow...yes, somewhat
when was the the last time you laughted until your belly hurt? that time is over due
when was the last time you changed your hairstyle? my life is always changing , hair stays the same
tell us about your favorite teacher in school...Mr. Stewart, grade 7, he was a folk singer / english teacher...
how do you take your coffee?when ever I dont have to make it....

Thank you Norma, I am honored for the request. 

Okay, that was hot flash time...
 Be careful the next time you feel slightly bewildered at the prospect of quiet time without adventures.....I am always praying for wisdom and direction....welll................The Universe Answered!


  1. I love your question and answers, especially the one about growing up :) I will never grow up, so im glad im not alone! Also love the art, very creative :D xx

  2. Hello Mademoiselle! Thanks for mentioning the little giveaway. You're too, too sweet. I am so happy that you have found comfort, and a bit of a home in all of these lovely blogging folks. I must say I feel quite the same! Love your beautiful photograph of the sky! Isn't it so inspiring!?

  3. who wants to grow up? Boring! ♥

  4. We all are so faraway...yet so near............♥Debi

  5. Oh yes I am definitely living with Peter Pan Syndrome too and I wouldn't change a thing. I did something crazy in front of my 12 year old niece the other day and she said "umm like how old are you?" and I replied "well in my mind I'm still about 15 so umm like whatever loser!!" Hahahaha :)
    Love the look of those tags Debi. You have been a busy Puddleduck. They look fab. Hugs and kisses to you and yours xx Brooke

  6. Oh, Miss Brooke, you have been missed...but I see there are glamour dolls in the future! I will be watching. We show our puddleducks that growing can be FUN!!!! Keep rocking those cool years my dear friend...........♥Debi

  7. Hi Debi, Great to hear that the Universe has answered your prayers and brought you warmth and friendship. I love your cute tags and your fun answers to the questionnaire. I don't want to grow up either...lol!! Wini xo

  8. Oh, I love your tags!!!! Great to see you are busy creating.
    Great questionnaire to get to know you better, ha ha.
    I love your blogging. It´s soo full of life. It was fun to see the swans pop up again here, thank you.
    I will read your cleaning strategy once again before I start spring cleaning, I think I need it. xo Christina

  9. Wini & Chrisina, I travel through you both...your adventures amaze me. I love those black swans, they touch me and their uniqueness is magical....thank you for visiting, ♥Debi


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