Thursday, February 9, 2012

Joy Reaper

There was a time when letter writing was the finest form of personal expression.  The essence of the persons soul could be sensed right away in crafted written communication.
Having admired that time in history  I am drawn to those who send even the smallest hint of themselves in  my daily exchanges on this very impersonal form of technology.
Recently I mentioned in a passing email, that the moon this month was known in some circles as the
"Lion Moon", to be roared at and regain ones power......I was happy to have the similar emotion relayed

back to me from a dear cyber♥  hundreds of miles away, looking at the very same moon.  That thought shrinks this world to me. lives in a magical faraway land, with ponds filled with white swans and ruled by a coupling of black swans.....It is of no surprise her art  (abilities) reflects the serenity of her surroundings.

Peace and Quiet

Stillness and shadow, silence and peace
Banish the hurry, let time itself cease
Cloak me in quiet, calming my soul
Mending the pieces, leaving me whole
Let cares fall away like the autumn leaf's flurry
Blow away trouble, wash away worry
Leave peace like a blanket, snuggly and warm
Safe from all fear, safe from all harm
The quiet of winter, in darkness I find
A peace of the soul to quiet my mind
Let me relax and find my own center
As into the silence I happily enter

----------------------------------------Deborah Blake

Okay, I get all zen just after I catch the FLU!  I hate being sick, which thankfully only happens once maybe....twice annually.  It is such an inconvienience and waste of precious time.

As you are aware I love my art world and one of the "abilities" (God given forsure) I admire is the stunning art of Ady over at  From the first time I watched her video, from her garage....painting on a huge piece of jaw dropped!  In my humble opinion, her world is filled with vibrant colour, emotion and ooooozzzzzing with kindness. She teaches with such ease, you actually believe YOU TO can produce such miracles...Im here to tell you....a great divine  level of skill is required. 
Ady's gentle manner and bubbling kindness brought me the PUSH to will myself back to my creative corner.  She new if she sent me one of her Amazing Digital pieces and casually mention "something for you to colour" I would forget "poor me, I am sick" and leap to challenge!  And it worked!

Joy Reaping is a healer and now I must SOW what has blessed me. 

Alright............if I is my take on the upcoming event....................


Happy Valentines Day♥


  1. Great post, and ive always said that art is a healer :)

    1. Thank you Pen ♥ Kindred Spirits attrack, even through machines :)

  2. i bought my first piece of art from jessica grundy on etsy yesterday. i was so excited. i am glad to see you finally emerge from the germ ridden days yucky! hope nana puddleduck is better. lovey love the oldies pic to commerate the upcoming unneccesary day <3 hugs and kisses

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I am so sorry to here you've had the flu! That's really awful and icky, especially when the weather is so wet and gross! But the moon. I know exactly what you mean. It's like that song "Somewhere Out There". We are ALL in the same world and luckily we have found this blogging world to connect with people on Mother Earth who are kindred to us. Isn't that just beautiful? Hope your day was beautiful :)

    1. Always wonderful to hear from you Jenn!!! How is Willa!
      On the mend and looking forward to spring..yeahxxxx
      Your blog is magical and impressive..your imagination and style leaves me smiling after every visit ♥Debi


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