Monday, January 9, 2012

Exhale~ 2012

Feeeehuuuuu!  Energy is low after all the fun & frolic of ending the past year.  My mind is spinning with.."lets do this and lets try that and sign-up for that" Yah,Yah,Yah, the body doesnt move.

So I visit my cyber♥s who always show me the way and shame me into participating in life.  I am good at handing out advice and encouragement, but when it relates to Prudence, welllll.

So click,click,click a visiting I gooooo. is busy and organized as always.  Talents taking off in multiple directions. & Energy Explosions! Those Aussie Angels never stop, from instruction video's to mixed media art on Etsy. must be trying and discovering different ways of producing beautiful comfies with traditional methods. 

Each visit, I try the ignition, start,start,start......have a nap....then  I  visit so many more until the gumption kicks my puddleduck butt and Here We Go!


 ATC Baby Animals, Willowing & Friends.  Inspired by the beautiful story "Guardians of Go'Land" or something to that effect...
Black Footed Ferret....inspired by "The Golden Compass"

Off to Australia they went!  It seems I am developing quiet a fasination for this faraway land♥

Spectacles Crane gifted me  an exciting ecourse through Willowing & Friends.  The magical Rhomany lead me through her Cryptic Coptic Book Binding Class.  After I finally completed this detailed class, I realized I possess comprehension difficulties :) 

What a wonderful skill to master, I will enjoy making beautiful books only to admire them far to much to dare deface them with anything inside.....another difficulty to over come.

Lace from a gift sent from to remind me to be fearless!

I now must mustard up some of that and dive into my gift from little sister Charolette!  Another talented art instructor, Jane Davenport is taking me on a basic drawing and supplies journey.  The energy is double time in this feathers are shaking and my brow is developing more amazement lines.

While I am being directed into this fasinating world, I cant help but daze off, remembering other instructors who have brought my  missing imagination this far.

For my first instructional work assignment I went off track ( somethings never change even with age)
and incorporated lessons that those instructors and cyber♥s have inspired.

I have since learned that the bird I randomly choose is called a kuckaburra! and guess where it is from?.
Karma at work.............thats another future blog....this is my year apparently.

Exhale another year and as Mini has asked my word for 2012 is "Abilities"

I am finally searching for mine and while I am on the hunt....I am discovering them in so, very ,very ,very  many interesting and genuine kindred ♥s


  1. Hello hun, good to see you are in great spirit for 2012. The book binding is extremely good, what a wonderful skill you have mastered! Glad to see you are keeping up with your art, it's so relaxing and art is the best healer, I firmly believe that. I pop over to Jane Davenports blog to and any others that can give me inspiration :) By the way your owls are very sweet xxxx

  2. lovey love the book nana prudence, look forward to one for mommy's day this year hahaha. remember idle hands lead to idle minds. i am hard at word organizing my creative nest in the new home. look forward to shifting my idle mind to a creative mind soon. xoxo

  3. Oh Pen, if I was video taping me making that book it would be a trilogy longer than Lord of The Rings....the more I make I hope to more at ease... AND that brings me to Miss Haystacks there problem solved!
    Thank you so very much cyber♥s

  4. Inspiring, you are! I think I need to find a word for MY 2012...I'm going to think about this....

  5. Hi Debi, my special friend,

    Looks like you will be busy again this year.
    Well, off I go to Nicaragua and will keep in touch.



  6. Norma I think you need several words for all your endevors...busy girl!

    Raye, have a wonderful time and bless you and Larry, those girls will shine brighter thanks to you both.............Bee Safe♥

  7. Dear Debi, Happy New Year! It looks like you have had an amazing time doing so many lovely classes and being creative. I love your artwork. The Owls of Gahoole: I have that out on video and am going to watch it tonight!! The Golden Compass: I love that movie and have all the books! Thank you for your blog visits, and for the sweet mention in this post!! Your word for the year is fantastic! I think you have ability in abundance! Best of luck this year soaring to greater heights!! And thank you for your friendship, Wini ♥

    1. Thank you for "Owls of Gahoole", my sister "Charolette" has told me time and get the name right...
      I know it will be your new fav. Wini, I look forward to your blog posts...very much :)
      Keep being true to YOU! ♥Debi

    2. Hi Debi, I loved Owls of Gahoole. Beautiful story and the bird fights were amazing! Thank you for saying that you appreciate my blog posts. That is such a nice thing to say! Thank you for your lovely message on my Wing to Fly post too. I appreciate your friendship. Wini xo

  8. Hello Lovely,

    You're art is wonderful :) I thought I'd pop by and let you know hehe. And I wonder if the Puddleduck part of Prudence Puddleduck is in relation to Jemima? I love her dearly :)

    You and I seem to have much in common. Ontario, knitting, tarot, art. YAY!

    I especially love the Black Footed Ferret because I adore the Golden Compass.

    Lots of love,

    1. I love you decorating style Miss Jenni! Yes it is partly from the admiration I have for Beatrix Potter and her love for preservation of green space as well as her closeness to her art. She was a women before her time and helped this world. We should all take her example.
      Thank you for your kindness and friendship, welcome to the puddleduck's! ♥Debi

  9. OMG I recognised the lace immediately. So honoured that you have used it in such a way. That is truly awesome Debi and what a beautiful journal you've made. I must try that one day. After doing The Sketchbook Project I've discovered a love for having a 'special' book to make art in. It will be hard for me to part with it. Art journals are secret treasures to behold.
    Big hugs and kisses to you from the land of the Kookaburra. (I was only feeding one on the back balcony 2 days ago. They are magical birds)

  10. You wont be sorry with that skill in your bag of tricks! Now that there is a new member of Willowing in the family, she must have her own art journal made by a Willowing, taught by a Willowing.
    That kookaburra just jumped at me when I was going through my treasures and picked your lace, and that pic, which was sent in an art swap, screamed...Pick Me To!!! This universe is amuzing when you pay attention to the silly my faraway friend take care of you & yours...♥Debi


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