Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tidy Up the Creative Corner! Part 2

All the birthday's have been joyfully taken care of.  Charlette songbird is pleased with her very warm alpaca cowl, she must protect those vocal cords.
After admiring this gift, Spectacles Crane casually mentioned, " I would like a cowl, but softer please".

Happy Birthday! Spectacles Crane♥  all the puddleducks, big and small gathered for this celebration.
What fun everyone had,  and Mr. Crane was lavished with well wishes,          love,  love,  love      & heartfelt gifts.

Francesco snowy owl & Charlette songbird surprised Spectacles Crane beyond words.  They remembered his love of sculpture, and that some soapstone would put a huge grin on his face..so like magic, several chunks of soapstone & tools needed for something splendid to be sculpted appeared.  What joy!                                   Mr. Crane is still grinning.

Now back to my little corner of creative energy.  I am a very happy member of both   Willowing & Doll Dreams.  I needed to buckle down and complete some projects before Christmas even dare enter my mind.

Interactive ATC (artist trading cards) for Doll Dreams 1st on my list.  Hmmmmm...well Charlette sent me the new Pirates movie..loving Johnny Depp...so White Cap Bay Mermaid (her tail moves about)
Also I was to make an Angel with moving wings....Winter Blue Angel (fluttering wings)
Remember...............ROOKIE artist in training :)

Next is a very special project for Doll Dreams.       The Butterfly Effect Project

I have mailed mine to www.twodressesstudio.blogspot.com in Alberta Canada, as it is closer for me.
Then the kind ladies in Alberta, will send all the Butterflies to Huston, Texas, to the Holocaste Museum.  Rememberence of the children lost.
Humbly this is my see through winged, butterfly.  Zakhor.....Al  Tichkah
  (Hebrew for       Remember.Never Forget)

The project pile is thinning out.....this next project was a stumpper forsure.....It is for Willowing.
I love the ATC challenge each month.  I have met so many fine artists and kindhearted friends.
November's challenge was called..."Ancestors"  (yours or your nations)  Hmmmmmm?????

Into the closet I go.   Thinking back on the whispers, the conversations that ended in mid-sentence when the children entered the room, hmmmm, nothing stands out.  Except, the referrences made to me and my sister. When I miss behaved.(spirited youngster)..."Your like your grandmother Gracie" and my sister, who was more behaved and was of little turmoil to my mother..."Your like your grandmother Alice".  This has possibilites.  The characteristics of the Ancestors we possess. I like IT!

My Grandmother "Alice".....1900's educated and poised  (resembles Charlette definitely)

My Grandmother "Gracie" 1900's.  Played the piano, loved to dance. Mischief shone in her eyes!
Oh....and the dimples....(yes I was blessed with dimples)

Finally, a clear desk top.  I must dust off the sewing machine and put my glitter away for alittle while.
Now the puddleducks all want Cowls..(thank you www.woolynbits.blogspot.com)   My knitting needles are lined up and have two projects at a time on them....oh my.....

Thank you for visiting and with love in our hearts, we all will dazzel through another fabulous
                                                    ♥♥♥Merry Christmas Season♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Wow! I love ALL of your projects - from the cowls to the butterfly, to each of those gorgeous ATC's. And oh, I admire that fact that you've caught up on things, lol!
    It looks like we're both going to be doing Life Book...now if I can only remember to look you up there ;)

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog today.
    You have accomplished several awesome projects, I really like the one about the butterfly.
    Well, I see that you are busy knitting so I'm I.
    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.


  3. I’m looking forward to being able to see my desk, and to blow off all the loose pieces of thread.

    I love the art pieces of your grandmothers/ Beautiful!


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