Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Season on the Way!

The past 4 months have been out of control.. This puddleduck is dizzy from chasing something that feels familiar.  Finding at least one of my normal routines, something that feels grounded to me.  With a move and a hank from family, I turned to my creative corner.  I first visited my online groups and soon got in the flow of a world of extremely talented and kind crafts people.  From Ireland, England,Germany, Austria to Australia, the crafting community is united, and full of fellowship for everyone.  Here in North America, always in a buzz about the next project on the go. 
With all the hideous problems of the world, a constant day to day lumenous dark cloud, these artists maintain humanity and a generous soul.
I am grateful to each and everyone I have met through online fellowship.  With the changing season, and pending solitude that the coming season will bring, my head is full of new books to read, knitted gifts to make and a broader mind to explore. 
As another young puddleduck is getting ready to enter his first day of school, another is no longer a rookie. Just one more to go and my wonderful little ones will have grown to another stage in their journey.
Thankful to witness and observe and be apart of change, inside and out. 


  1. Hi Debi,
    I am Jody, or Jotee, I friended you on table of roses.
    I presently & forever live in T or C, New Mexico.
    Having lived a very young age in Toronto, Ontario & also Windsor, Ontario, I am happy where I am living now. Artwork, creativity is and always has been a big part of my life, more so now in the later years.
    Enjoy this time, you will be "surprised".
    Hugs my fellow Canadian friend.

  2. Debi, I so agree with you about the crafting community and online groups. My illness and disabilities, plus having moved to a new location where I have no social connections, has made isolation a difficult challenge. My connections online are a balm and a blessing, and my online groups hold space for me to be, to grow, to connect and create.
    Thank you for introducing me to both yourself and your blog!
    Blessings :)


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