Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creativity At Its Best...Shout Out....Clothes Encounters North Bay Ont.

Once in a long, long, time you come across the extraordinary.  I had the pleasure of visiting the most
creative, organized and comforting shop ever.  In the up and coming city of North Bay, overlooking
the newly developed waterfront is a gem, Clothes Encounters.  The lovely lady, an artist in her own right, has demonstrated how retail should be presented.  The experience is enchanting.  Vintage shopping is now taking on a level that Coco C would approve ( in my humble opinion).
Creative, Thoughtful, Marketing does exsist!  Shop Owners do think of the shopping experience!
The customer is given an experience to remember. 
 The bottom line here is....."you are special to me and I want you to return time and time again"
I will be blogging about this dazzling shop, again, as I have forgotten my manners and neglected to properly introduce myself to the artist of this fine imagism.  Prudence ( thats me ) is tongue tied at times.

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