Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally I am warming UP!!!!!

I have been frozen now for 5months.  That is enough.  Spring visited my door last week, came up to the glass door and stude looking at me, reassuring me, that indeed the season of morbit isolation is over.  This proud robin was out cruising the area for a mate and looked in at me, I new change is here!

My new knitting lessons have taken me to bucket hats!!! Why? well although the sun is bright and warming slightly, the wind is frightful on thining hair.  So in order to keep my long hair from yesterday, I need my new
hat! to keep it in place and me smiling.

Cotton is working nicely for the coming season, flip the brim, add a pin to keep it flipped and off I goooooo.

My puddleducks are snapping them up as quick as I can click them off my needles.  This makes me very happy, and encouraged to keep being creative.  Enjoy change, trees arent the only things that take along time to grow!

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