Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter in Puddleduck Grange

What a wonderful site, when everything is clean and white.  Unfortunately it must be moved so we can get
ready for Christmas and all the surprises for our puddleducks, big and small.  Baking is on the agenda for
tomorrow and Spectacles Crane will be milling around, hoping to taste test.  Card making and homemade gift wrap needs to be done immediately.  If history is correct, arent the best holidays those when money isnt
abundant?  Think back, anyone with the means, can pull a fabulous gift out of their wallets, but can they take
the time to carefully and lovingly make something for those they love?  I think those gifts keep on giving, each
time you look at it. Little Charlette songbird, made me a needlepoint cow once and I have carried that everywhere since.  Also, taking the time to remember conversations for a clue to that one special item they
may have mentioned in passing, when they thought knowone would be listening. Unfortunately, technology has taken the place to many times to face to face conversations and gatherings with family.  If a collapsing economy brings people closer together, is it really that terrible.  Maybe it is just levelling things back to a more balanced time.  Well Prudence is rambling, it comes with age, as Cher says.  Merry Christmas everyone and a Very Happy and Closer Together New Year!  Have to fly..................
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