Friday, July 22, 2016

Outdoors is the Best Medicine!

PHello my wonderful virtual friends!  Hope you ALL are doing fabulous!  What a trying time this is indeed. 
Chain reaction of insanity , depending on your perspective, and humans destroying each other daily. 
Evolution has provided us with witnessing mass destruction in REAL time!  If your like me, I feel so tightly wound, wishing for the days of nightly news, a reassuring voice, that the powers that be have it under control.   Social media has only contributed to my anti social tendencies!  Sharing our minds and opinions is dividing what would have been otherwise superficial politeness .  
I get ......"your Canadian right? "  Does this imply..." What does our countries business have to do with you"?    That in itself bushes my buttons!   It sure saves me valuable time vetting online relationships.
Yes, I look for " birds of a feather" at this point in my time.

Feeling stress taking hold, I packed up our new to us 4X4 and headed to the forest!  Every nerve was rebelling the loss of disconnect, I secretly laughed at this sign of addiction! Oh it was an internal battle for several hours, being GEMINI I drew from my other personalities to get me through the withdrawals!
Oh the calm, the green, smells of burning wood, BBQ and various music luring me on.  Spectacles Crane ( my husband) was thrilled to be back in his homeland, amongst his family, remembering juvenile times.  Our years of responsible, melting away!

While he went to chat , I grabbed my camera and nervously ventured off on my own.  Slowly at first, questioning every step.  Then, suddenly, that adventurous, roamer surfaced and off I went!  Really looking at everything, smiling at strangers, exchanging niceties, walking on!  Felt as though I was shedding an aging skin, I began thinking of possibilities, the future!  

Of course I've condensed, but truly I was amazed how letting GO! is possible to the willing.

Enough chatter, here are photos of our wonderful weekend at Georgian Bay Ontario with my in- laws!

Truth in the flames! Always! 

Thank you for visiting, August is shaping up to be epic! Yes! I will share it all!

Off to enjoy home-made gifts, thank you sooo much! they are disappearing fast!

Get outdoors and outside yourself!   I strongly recommend it!  xoxoxoxoDebi


  1. Nothing like the great outdoors to blow away the cobwebs, seek, explore and rejuvenate :) xxxx

  2. Yes, the past couple of months of unrelentingly grim news of murder, hate, racism and misogyny from all around the world has started to wear me down too. If it doesn't lighten up soon, I will have to go on a media fast which is something I rarely do.

  3. Hey Debi!! Great to hear from you! I try to go outside everyday! I have to go outside! There is too much going on in the world these days. I love my blogging, but "social media", like Facebook, I can do without! Mom and I are going to the Rock Hound Gemboree this coming week, in Bancroft! Can't wait! Debi, remember, to always be true to you and love yourself! Big Hugs! Love the pictures!!!

  4. Oh, can you share the homemade gifts?? LOL!

  5. Yes, what's happening in the world right now is soul-destroying. I'm so glad you were able to escape it for a while. Your photos are lovely!!

  6. I missed you at the Mad Tea Party this time around. Come on over to my blog for some whimsical Alice madness!
    I am glad you had some time in nature, it is always reviving to the soul.
    Teresa in California

  7. Thank you ALL for visiting me.......You ALL know how special you are to me and keep me smiling! I have been on extra Nana duty this summer and enjoying every minute, soon I will be back noising around all your blogs and instagrams and FB mayham! Enjoy whats left of our summer and I think of my virtual friends in OZ being cooler! than they normally are!!!! hugs and love.....Debi


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