Monday, February 1, 2016

Tea Time Chat πŸ’œ

my birth month flower...

Imbolc, the season of a hopeful year ahead.  Top of my list is " Purge" Less is more, How's that work' for you and Keep It Simple.........!  ( supplies) 
Material things have never impressed me, I have relocated more than normal, so this disinterest in needful things has served me well.  My love of vintage clothing calms the guilt of loosing interest in over priced fashion.  Hair and makeup? Nothing "new" there! Hopeful for the day I have Snow White hair to catch up with the deepening expressions on my face. 
Well that didn't take long!  ME, is a short task!

My weeks are duty filled from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm.  Debi In Charge! that's me. (Prudence to my virtual friends). Keeping King & Castle in tacked.  Weekends are a battle of wills, Debi/ Prudence, domestic verses creative, the fur does fly when stomachs ( not mine) grumble!  Sensing revolt, the King, generously shared his new Art book, and gifted mood altering music with a dash of magic!  

The King, still mourning the loss of his favorite Alien, completed his collection with Blackstar.
The rest brightened a winters weekend !

My delightful surprise, was that postcard/colour book.  The artist is Millie Marotta, a Wesh 
illustrator.  My PenPals will love these!  I can buy more at, so I won't be sad 
to part with them!

Appreciation for such gifts, was a lemon/banana bread loaf and hot apple cider!  I discovered,
( helpful FB hint really) that cookie dough, plopped in muffin tin ( I used muffin casings as well, hate clean up!) make the best! cookies! ( oatmeal raisin this weekend)
 Revolution averted!!!

Tea time is almost over, I will look forward to our next chat!  xoxoxoPrudence


  1. Always make time for creative expression! I'm with you!

  2. Material things? Not for me either. Hair and make up, done in 30 seconds flat, I would rather be daydreaming any time :) xx

    1. Natural beauty! Naturally curly hair and dark eyes, can't top that!
      Daydreaming during the 6:00 news, is my favorite!

  3. Vintage is always better than pricey modern clothing, who would think otherwise? Madwomen (and men)!

    It seems I have possibly not been getting your blog updates? Updated my follow thing on blogger, hopefully this will help.

    Heard of the faces thing, going to look for the post!

  4. Hey, it's just as crowded at your place between Debi and Prudence as it is over at mine! Got your letter today, too! I don't think anyone has ever called me flawless before. Muah! Did I spell that right? <3

  5. I too am going with "purge" this year...already cleared out all the clothes that don't fit*but loved*, and even holding back on art stash until some is used up...and the ME bit...I am treating myself to a pedicure and painted nails(real varnish not just paint lol). We shall grow old disgracefully together :D XXX

  6. I have been purging for a couple of years! Really looking at things! Have got rid of a lot, but I still have my stones and crystals! Can't do without them! I might treat myself to some nice lipstick! Always loved my lipstick!

  7. This is a purge-free zone. I need it all, dammit. Also, need some of those cookies...

    And that sounds like a full day. Seriously, up at 6.30 am? Sometimes that's bedtime for me.

  8. I'm horrible at getting rid of stuff. Or, I get rid of stuff and seem to get more stuff to replace it *sigh*.

    Love the idea of coloring book postcard. I might have to look around and see if I can find one!

  9. You inspire me to make tea, art and cookies in muffin tins. Love this post!

  10. You ALL are amazing blog world friends! Thank you so much! xo


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