Monday, February 29, 2016

Frizzeled, Frantic, March Hare Returns!

I am Winter Weiry!   How about you?  

A wonderful blog friend has asked about " Mad Hatter" party again this year and her question
is perfectly timed! Thank you Jane!

Pen P, kept me distracted with 29 faces for Fed Up Febuary, now perk up or perish, I am
starting to plan for the first weekend in May!  

150 years since "Through the Looking Glass! " how time flies! I will be creating a weekend
celebration, dedicated to our endearing author CS Lewis.

Books, Arts, Crafts, Imaginarium ( fashion for Laura) will be paraded, discussed and revered. 
Dear blog friends, I know this is a delightful topic to your all!

This is my basic outline so far.  Depending on your response to participate, I will ponder the
appropriate giveaway.   

I'm as slow as mystical caterpillar with a dash of procrastination, I need this time till May
to set my "Mad Hatter" head to work!

Masterful Tim Burton , fabulous thespians and superb voice of PINK,  will bring us the 
long awaited " Alice Through the Looking Glass" 

Please , think on it, comments are treasured, and I hope you all will join me!  


  1. That illustration of the March Hare is perfect!

  2. Like looking in the looking glass! My favourites! xo

  3. I have never been involved. We all make hats???

  4. I love Alice parties! I never seem to get my blog parties done in time but I love seeing everyone else's posts!

  5. Hello lovely :)

    I love, Love, LOVE all things Alice, and will be looking forward to your looking glass party ♥

  6. I love the 'White Rabbit' song and Pink has done an awesome job with it! Looking forward to the new movie, although I wish Tim Burton was directing again, but he's a producer, so I guess it will be true to his vision.


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