Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miss Me?

May is PARTY! month , from start to finish.  My youngest Puddleduck and I share the same birthday,
so double the excitement and fun!  Oh is Daddy ever in for " what goes around, comes around".

Handcrafted Tank Cake with sparklers!  and licorice treads!  Thank you Jen!  
As the puddleducks get older, magically I become younger!  Trampoline bouncing and 
Nerf sword play with my Son! 
and Mom Wins! 

Unfortunately no pictures of me, this time.  A wonderful day of personal reflection and Gifts!

My middle Puddleduck sang the birthday song to me and was winded half way, counting out Nana's
age!   He told me he loves to pick out jewelry for my gifts! ( perfect taste)  My daughter charms me with 
a gorgeous card and my son and crew, gave me a scent burning precious lamp!  
I am thrilled to have a class A automotive mechanic and a handsome son who also 
fine tunes Nana Vehicle , gifting his services!

While the Nana Mobile is getting the once over , my faithful peddle bike will come in handy!
Quickly this month is wrapping up in glorious temps. , off goes the thermal undies!  Now must 
plan the rest of whatever Summer, Mother Nature deems fitting this year?

My virtual friends have tempted me in joining Goodreads! and therefore my book reviews will be
In one convenient place.  Brilliant!  I am thankful for my time with Artful Reading Group, opening up
a new passion I wasn't aware I could have!  Reading has enhanced my dreaming capabilities,
and in this wacky world, being able to transcend chaos is definitely a welcomed gift!

Corrina, ( Blue Water Studio on FB) Rosa Lily ( link in sidebar) and Deborah ( Bee Happy Home
Accessories, link in side bar)  please know I am making my art journal 2014 swap pages, 
and will send my Mermaid Theme out soon!  Here is a peek!

I am very blessed in this life and realizing the alligator is ticking louder, my dear hearts,  I 
maybe missing from time to time, but know, I enjoy change, radical change preferred.  
("Kiss the Lips of Change" as Magaly would advise!)

Now, in my wiser realm of life, there is a magical breeze guiding me. 
Like this cap from my clever, younger sisters business, appearing on The Great Wall Of China!
Who can say what? or where? will this old duck do NEXT!


  1. So glad you had a great day and lots of celebrations :) Can't wait for the mermaid girl, lookin' good xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday to both you and your youngest puddleduck. Your post has filled me with so much joy. What a wonderful loving family you have. Beautiful gifts, so much thought and love put into them. I will return to Goodreads to check out your reviews. At present I am reading and enjoying your recommended book The Winter Witch.
    Have a lovely day.
    Ali xx

  3. You clearly had a wonderful birthday, as did your grandson.

    Such a lovely post :)

  4. What a lovely family you have :D...and your journal pages are beautiful :D XXX

  5. Happy late birthday! What beautiful gifts you received, such a magical time. Ain't the weather just great? Not that the winter was worth it, but hey, it's over now, and summer has arrived beautiful lady ;)

  6. Had to come back to answer your question because I'm laughing so hard. I just call her my mother-in-law, nothing lawful about it! LOL! Easier than saying significant other's mother, or partner's mother, and boyfriend's mother makes it sound like we're 14 lol!

  7. Happy birthday! I love your art! I am on Goodreads too. I haven't found time to write any reviews recently, though! Just star ratings.

  8. Dear Debbie, Happy Birthday to you and your grandson. I hope you have the happiest May and and a wonderful Summer! Your Mermaid art looks very beautiful. xox

  9. What a gift to get for your birthday when he was born! And he likes to pick gifts for you? Oh my goodness, what perfection!

    I must show that tank to the Little Princess. I suspect, there will be baking time after that.

    Push forward, paddle ahead... the current can't always be helping the other guy. Hey, who knows, maybe a good wave comes and drowns the bastards. *cough*

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday to you and your grandson! Looks like you had a fabulous celebration!! The mermaids are adorable!!

  11. Love your. Drawings Prudence and glad i found you on ig . See you before fall best wishes julie xxx


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