Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Colours of Springtime!

While some parts of the planet are blooming! ( Gina's, Linda and Magaly house) some of us only dream!
I have readied my pots and made a list, but still wearing thermals and shawls, is not putting me in the 
Blooming! Mood!

You all may notice a new poster..Rainbow Mermaid.  Tam  of   and her 
singing partner, Gracie, are offering an art class when you donate to a Clean Water charity.
Brilliant! I'm in!

If only I could swim as the mermaids do!  Art is for imaginations, and I certainly can dream!

Many of you celebrated last weekend, Mother's Day, and I always look forward to polishing
All the medals and memories of the occasion.  My puddleducks, big and small, reminded me
I'm fun to have around! 

My joy was watching how my grown children are so very much better at parenting than I .

My daughter is slowly finding precious time to create her beautiful cards, once again!
I gifted her some new stamps ( Beatrice Ajayi Stamps) and happily one stamp so far has 

I received the "Mother" load of gorgeous card's from Amy, and I am pleased to see
creative play! for this busy Mom is bringing Fun! and Calm!

Next weekend is our May24! long weekend, which in my youth, was the best weekend
EVER! ( the 24 represents 24 size beer case, for those who have a calendar, and not familiar with Canadian folklore) lol 

For now I enjoy watching others re- live my hay- days!  My grown, adult, mature, children, are past 
Wild & Wacky, finally. 
But Be sure!!! Nana and the grandson's will start the tradition all over again! 

Love having you all visit and I enjoy sending each a response .  I Am Blessed!  xo


  1. What wonderful people Tam and Gracie are, they're supporting a very important charity. Although I find it sad that in this day and age people struggle to get something as simple as clean water. Your own mermaid has brightened up my morning . She's lovely. Lovely to see you were suitably spoilt on Mother's Day. Your daughter is so talented. All her cards are beautiful.
    Ali xx

  2. Glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day, so many lovely cards! Lovely Mermaid, are you using one in our art swap maybe???? Sending love and hugs xx

  3. Such creativity - I love it!
    Your mother's day cards are gorgeous and clearly show how much you're loved.

    I like the sound of a 24 weekend ;) have fun!

    Yvonne xx

  4. Woo hoo May 24 :P! Yes, Happy late Mother's Day to you! You are a beautiful and kind Nana and mother, and sooo looked up to by me!

  5. 2 weekends in a row nana will be. Think happy warm thoughts and sun will help your dreams. Xo amy

  6. "My joy was watching how my grown children are so very much better at parenting than I." This kind of sentiment is what makes you so precious to me. Nothing is more wonderful than to see a parent happy at the thought of her child being great.

    Happy Mother's Day, and Grandmother's Day, and just Awesome Day! ♥

  7. What a lovely mother-load (I saw what you did there!) of cards! And mermaid painting for clean water. There's a lovely symmetry to that idea. I love the colours on the mermaid.

    Thank you for popping into my doll blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Oliver is almost finished!


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