Saturday, April 26, 2014

In-house Card Maker & Artful Reading

Weathering the winds of change, I'm once again deciding " what to be when I grow up!"
Any ideas would be appreciated.....

My daughter has managed to find some spare time to re visit her card making.  " Mom" I need new ideas, it's been awhile, and new stamps!" 

I am always armed with a pocket of bright ideas ( for others!)  and a list of talented virtual friends to assist!

Just so happens a young Mom, also is squeezing out time for her creative passion, 
Beatrice Ajayi , has just announced her new stamp line....Perfect! ( link to etsy shop sidebar)
Once again, from order to my door..over a holiday weekend I might add, 5 days from the U.K. 
I am over the moon with Joy and praise for the quality, customer service and original products,
to be had so simply from our creative hearts over the way!

I ordered my ( well 2 of many) favorite ones I thought Amy could use, for thank you cards 
or Your Invited ..tags.  My Puddleduck is quite popular with the young ladies and 
birthday invitations are piling up! 

Beatrice, filled my order with ink drawings and wonderful, original art she made.
Her pains taking Art, will now be admired by many families here in Canada! and 
enhance another young Mom's creative passions!

Now that inspires me!  I love promoting TOTAL excellence in quality, customer driven,
New Shops!  As I have mentioned, living where I do , online shopping is becoming
Important to me, I think you will be seeing more on this subject here a Puddleduck Grange!

Before I put my Easter treasures away ( the chocolate is almost gone, no surprise Auntie J )
one more look 

Keep Creating you busy Mom's!!!   You are very much appreciated!  xoxoxoxo


  1. I am so very happy you enjoy your cards I am brimming with ideas and can't wait for you to see my latest creations. Snail mail package coming to the North Pole soon. Now that I have blown the dust off my creativity is getting more rampant. Xo A

  2. Nice to see your craftiness has passed down to the next generation :D...and hasn't Epiphany made herself right at home lol :D XXX

  3. I'm with Gina, love the craftiness through the generations.

    And I just sighed in need when you said something about chocolate. Haven't had anything sweet in days. *whimpers*

  4. I love your new blog look, very cosy, and am so happy that you've passed on your creative talents.

    I have searched high and low for a specific ink stamp, in the end I gave up and decided to create my own lino print stamp instead, which I'll be using on all my stationery in future.

    Have a lovely day Debi - my chocolate's already gone :( xx

  5. Oh yes the online shopping! Such an addiction of mine :P Those cards are amazing, she is an artist!

  6. What gorgeous stamps (I went to look) and I love her art work! As for what to be when you grow up, I hope you'll find that life is full of amazing surprises (mostly good) and that your story isn't told yet; you can add lots of things to the plot. Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

  7. He he I am struggling with the same question. What will I be when I grow up? I think it would be quite nice to be a princess or a cat. I am convinced the older we get the more we question what we are doing. Have you decided what you want to do yet? An artist may be a good idea.
    The stamps are so sweet, lucky daughter. Your easter cards are so pretty it's a shame they have to go away.
    Ali xx

  8. Online shopping is a love hat relationship. I love that I can get anything when I need it but I hate spending. I have to find my balance :)


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