Friday, March 28, 2014

Wicked March , Creative Rampage & Artful Reading

Spring is missing, yet again!  I must remember such a time visiting THE REST
of the world!  Cabin Fever, setting in slowly. Why did the movie " The Shining" just pop
to mind and " Jacks" crazed eyes?  ( shake it off Harley, you have a post to write)

Such creative mayhem March has brought! Holly's Bloody St. Patty's  Day,  Linda's
Hues of March 2014 and my two nonexistent pennies worth...Art Journal 2014 Swap.

Wrapping this Up with a huge TAH..DAW!  Artful Reading Review , please click
Puddleduck Studio , top bar TAB!

Awaiting, one more journal page, ( Dark Visions and Beautiful Revisions on FB)
 I am assembling the beautiful pages sent from... and, and my own page

All are WELCOME to join in!  At the end of this year, I hope to have a fantastic 
Art Journal Yearbook!  ( and so can you! )

Rosa Lily

Deborah of ( keep Calm and Bee Happy button..please visit! )

And me....

I will be posting much more on this.  TO COME!  join in if you Please!

Any suggestions are welcomed,  for now I must pop over to Puddleduck Studio
(click tab at top)
Artful Reading Club of the month ( March) review is due!

While " April" just a sneeze away, this weekend I will be dreaming up my
next creative ( therapy) rampage, with long, pointy objects, twirking yarn, 
and cursing the nightmarish winter!

Bee Safe.     Bee Kind.  and PLEASE....  Manners !


  1. Glad to see you are keeping busy with so many arty projects all at the same time!! Can't wait for my Journal page xxx

  2. The pages are looking good Debi :) the weather is looking better for us at the weekend so Spring may be here for us hope you are keeping warm.

    Bee happy x

  3. as always I am in awe of the art and creativity you do and my eye immediately went to that beautiful piece of knitting. loving those colors.. my scarf addiction is at all time high with a new purchase of a black and grey with skulls on it. xo

  4. Yes, where on earth has Spring got to?
    I'd do just about aything (within reason) for a bit more sunshine.
    I've also just realised, I haven't left the house for three days.
    Must rectify that tomorrow or cabin fever will kick in soon.

    It's always a joy to visit your creative little corner of the blogisphere.

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. Your work is full of spring and I'm loving it. I love the quote you added to your page, "Don't look back..." indeed. We only do that for research purposes. ;-D

  6. Love the creativity, the new blog "look" and seeing what you have been up to!
    ~Kristine Xo

  7. I love your piece with the sweet elfin feetsies! And your knitting ;) You create such beautiful things, I should know hehe!

  8. Your knitting looks gorgeous, lovely colours. I love the journal pages. I am not being biased but yours is most definitely my favourite. Like Jennifer I loved the elfin feet but the saying is one to be treasured. I must place this close to my heart.
    Ali xx


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