Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Hello!

Jolted up this morning to " Mom! where is the boys hockey equipment?"

 Where am I ? Who am I?
Impatience to the question thick, in the air.     Okay, now I remember!  
Spring Break, boys and my Son terrorizing my magical bubble, get the lead out old women!

Yes! I slept in!  Hurray! and it's near to noon! ( shame, shame!).  Spectacles Crane had my fancy coffee ready ( after the flurry of hockey players ran in and out) and my usual Super Soul Sunday with Oprah, 
starting!  ( love this program)

Filled with new wisdom, the list begins reeling in my brain......I need to blog! then life!

Ziggy ( the delious food posts) sent me pics of her new found passion, ( baking is still #1 ) 

Penny Mats!  Her home is " Country Traditional" warm, inviting and cozy.

Oh, love this! Thank you for sharing this Ziggy, I know several of you will love this! 

 Do you find that when you have said YES! to everything, you organize so all is possible, 
Then!! something Fantastic tempts you in yet another creative direction?  I am so weak!

So discipline!!!  I con myself that if I finish those that are almost complete, just maybe sometime 
Will free itself up?  

Two more Pay It Forward will be mailed out and my daughters scarf ( for next frosty season) will be complete shortly......

Spoiling puddleducks this coming week and then Hollys Horrorland St. Patrick Day, blog hop!
Gather Hues of OZ to complete that week and wrap up with my Art Journal 2014 with
Rosa Lily, Deborah and Corrina by months end....

I am over...Joyed with all followers!  You all make my world FUN!  oh, I learn new things from each and everyone!  Truly!

I am proud that my creative daughter is desperately finding time to card craft once again!  Amy has recently started blogging again...(click on the teddy bears on the right for direct link). Encouragement
Is appreciated!

I'm a good organizer, I guess, ( bright ideas and all) so this brunch time after Oprah, I enlisted 
skilled talent in showing me how "in the devil" those snap kits work?   Spectacles Crane, smartly put his new glasses on and was happy to teach ....

A dear blog friend, Estelle, had a tutorial on placemat clutch bags...some may remember my previous posts on this...( island gals! ) I love them...and made another, but Velcro  was a pain so that is were those snap kits come in...not so easy, crummy instructions that involved hammering!
I did try! I did curse! I did fling the hammer......So this is were the trained professionals come to the rescue! 

And when I wasn't looking ....with dental floss stitching, S. Crane made me a deer hide pouch for my
Precious stones!

Many are abuzz with the coming season?  It will take more than jetting the clock ahead to 
Snap my world green,  but happy chaos will make me JoyFilled!!!!  

Bee Safe!                  Bee Kind!                     Bee Creative! 



  1. Oh I love Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. Something new to me, such inspiring people with good advice. The penny mat looks great, especially with the candle. I remember Estelle's tutorial, she is so clever. I am very jealous of your bag, I LOVE the colour, a favourite. Sounds like you're a very busy bee. Have a wonderful, wonderful week.
    Ali xx

  2. Sounds like you have had a busy Sunday. Love the little clutches they're so cute!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, you are one busy lady! I love those little Penny Mats and your daughter's scarf is coming along beautifully! Have a wonderful week and thank you for the sweet comments and visits. Mina

  4. I overslept, too! And I can't stop grinning about it. Love the colors around your house. And that hide pouch reminded me that I have to make a running belt. For my iPod... so that I can listen to my audio books while getting my exercise on. ;-D

  5. It's good to oversleep once in a while, especially on a Sunday :)

    It sounds as though you still ahd a really busy day though.

    Seeing these lovely creations makes me what to dig out my fabrics and get making! x

  6. It is nice to get in an extra long sleep every so often. I know with the comming of spring I am busy cleaning up and turning over my house.

  7. Love the Penny mats, and you did well with the clutch bag, iv'e tried to make bags before and they've ended up in the bin! Keep creating xxx

  8. Ouuu I just love that candle mat! So cozy and primitive looking. And those sweet clutches are adorable!

  9. Love your clutch bags, very pretty and your knitting is just wonderful, I know this from first hand experience ;)

    Bee happy x

  10. Oh! Gosh! I'm glad someone else likes to sleep ' in ' .
    I stay awake late, so what else can I do but sleep in?
    I still get the same amount of work done in the day if I had gone to bed early and to bed early. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess.
    I have always been a night owl, which is hard to break the mold.

    I have actually done well with the time change this month.

    Ah, yes...I could have spent another two or three hours at the Rose Bowl Flea Market...there is so much to see!

    Teresa in California


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