Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colour Me?______!

Celebrating 75 years , the " Wizard of OZ" film was released, January 1939 , black & white.

Recently I have been reading book after book, to my delight, I fall asleep fret free!  
I am also becoming a " book only" snob!  Reading up all my hardcovers from my reading list, I find myself scoffing at the remaining paperbacks!  ( so Downton Abby of me! ) 
As for my kindle stories!  I've completed one delightful novella, AlmaMia Cienfuegos written by blooming author, Magaly Guerrero, thrilled by the adventure, my snob side was rebuking the tablet in my hands!
 ( crone-itise)

For my "Hues of OZ 2014"  ( first year newbie)
 I will leed with my re-newed passion...
Books! and the Art of it all.....

L.Frank Baum wrote " The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" published, 1900.  
Bedtime stories told to his children spun the magick to come!  This sounds faintly familiar
to you Harry Potter fans!  
European Folklore seemed horrifying to the west, ( Grimm's Fairytales!) so Baum's mildly 
frightening in places, tale was revered!
Not until he collaborated with a talent illustrator, William W. Denslow, 
did the excitement of the Wizard of OZ! spread.

          Shades of Grey to Sepia.

  ( thank you Pinterest)

                      Silver to Ruby Red!  

After the world damned near destroyed itself ,yet again,

 Hollywood to the rescue!

November 3rd, 1956........TV!

                        Airways ......away!

Family time - TV viewing,  3 channels on a clear day!  
I was an adorable 4 years young ( Shirley Temple wished to be!) and my sister was brand new!

I can't really recall this, the extreme disciplined years are a blurrr to me......

I do remember our TV!

Yes, Hues of and white
 the shades of Brown! 

  Hurray for the 60's!

Okay! slight flicker......colour ....hmmmm Technicolour!

I loved colouring the negatives in photography class ( oh yes! )

What colour are you?  Envy, bitter, mean, green?, crisp white, innocent/ naieve  blue?, or
centered, steadfast, multi- sparkly rainbow colours?

Younger, I didn't see colour, but the pointy nail scolding seemed familiar!
  In my Dorothy, run!!
and now!! with my hourglass half emptied, ...????

That is why the faces have no is always changing....HUES!

L.Frank Baum wished to cast 
"Kindness, Respect & Consideration" for others,
in this amazing, timeless,  parenting manual**** ?  
Life's Guide Book? you decide!

Thank you ALL for visiting my very first Hues of OZ , hosted by Linda, 
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  1. For a first time you hit the jackpot. I loved your contribution.
    I had a lot more to post on my own and then blogger went wonky on me. I was ready to release the flying monkeys.
    I eagerly anticipated watching the movie yearly, even tho we only had a black and white set well into the 70s. Those tvs did not die.
    It is the books that bring the world of Oz into every color imaginable.

  2. Hi! My name is Jan and I am a newbie, too!

    You have a wonderful and fun entry for "The Hues of Oz"...loved the TV antenna :))

    I enjoyed my visit here very much. Have a beautiful Oz colored day!!!


  3. I must be one of the only people who have not seen Wizard of Oz from start to finish!! Best of luck with Hues of Oz xxx

  4. Great reminiscent post! I almost forgot about the ears!! Thanks for a great Oz Celebration visit!

  5. What a fun post. I loved reminiscing with you about how far and how much color has changed. I love your final image, I need that in my house! Wonderful post and I've enjoyed visiting.


  6. Prudence, I am right there with you on this time line. I remember it all very well. The books are comfort and a balm. The movie is a walk down memory lane. And my fire still burns bright for all that is Oz. Thank you so much for you contribution to this fun day. I love all you did, all you feel and all you gave to my dear, Hues to you, Oma Linda

  7. "I was an adorable 4 years young ( Shirley Temple wished to be!) and my sister was brand new!" I just saw Shirley's ghost nodding her agreement. I told her, "Good for you, love, no one likes a bitter dead person." She cackled and drifted out the window. It was quite splendid, actually. *cough*

    I love that creepy hand trying to reclaim her shoes. If I were Dorothy, I would start running yesterday.

    Happy Hues of Oz, my beloved Prudence!
    Red Gold over the Rainbow

  8. I love that you were able to share so much of yourself through this blog party....we are all Sparklie rainbow coloured here scolding pointy fingers :D XXX

  9. Oh what FUN! this is! Since 7:00am my time..polar vortex time, I've visited and revisited. I hope my responses reach all who kindly have visited.
    Need to re- fuel....,..more visiting to do! Love and Gratitude xoxoDebi

  10. What a lovely post! You've brought back many fond memories for me and I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit. I am so glad I stopped by!

  11. I love this post! and the final bit "you know it has been a good day when you didnt have to release the flying monkys" well that just has to be my new mantra!!!

  12. I too recall the days of black and white tv's. Such grand memories and your excellent first-time posting for Hues of Oz brought many of them back.

    James C. Wallace II
    Royal Liaison of Oz

  13. I loved your post about Oz. Lots of nostalgia here I can relate to as I too grew up in the black and white T.V. era. I also adored reading the Oz books...they were a balm from Frank Baum!

  14. I enjoyed taking this sentimental walk down the (black and white) Yellow Brick Road with you. In so many ways, Oz was the background we of a certain age group up in. Well done!

  15. I love this post! Great walking down memory lane with you o) I'm glad you didn't have to release the flying monkeys! LOL! Have fun at the party ;o) All the best ;o)

  16. A wonderful Oz post and I ADORE the flying monkeys meme! :D

  17. Whoops my comment disappeared.
    Hope it wasn't that tornado that took it away :/
    Well just want to say I so enjoyed my visit and that TV brings back the magical memories of the shows I fell in love with as a little tyke, Flipper, Lost In Space, Star Trek :) cool post, but now I gotta fly, toodles x

  18. This event was TONS! of fun! The talent and inspiration is overwhelming!! Thank you Linda for brightening up this grey part of the world, Huge Gratitude to all*********sincerely Debi

  19. What an absorbing post! As for the telly, I did wonder how the Wizard of Oz would work in the old B&W days? Would it still be magic if we didn't see the transition from sepia Kansas to glittering Oz?

  20. I'm right there a bit ahead of you, Sweetie, born in 1951. I love your TV and the antenna (MY husband has one like that now!). I think I must be Green, and it's not easy...But I can do a GREAT Witch laugh...wanna hear???!! I LOVE your Negative coloring!!!! I have never heard of that- WONDERFUL!!! Now that you found Oz, I sure hope you'll come back!

  21. Wow. I cannot believe OZ has been out for so long. I have seen the original and it was a great film.

  22. Oh my, I can't believe that the Wizard of Oz is 75. My daughter never paid any attention to the TV until she saw Oz. She always hid behind the sofa when the lion jumped out. Like you I thought reading on a kindle was not for me but I've taken to it quite well although some books must remain on paper. What colour am I, most definitely purple, oh what does that say about me? Loved this post and pictures, wonderful. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx


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